Now We Know How True Is The Theory Of Evolution

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Here we are, evolved humans. Or in other words, humans evolved from stupid, ugly and hairy apes (don’t be offended if you are sensitive to this topic or if you are an ape). But this is the western point of view that we have heard since birth, the truth is that we are the children of Hazrat Adam and Bibi Hawaa (Adam and Eve) and that we have to be the kind of admirable and good Muslims that of who’s description is given in our holy book, the Quran.

But people who do not follow and fit the description of a good Muslim must be evolved from apes because they do not belong with us and do not deserve this title as they belong to the western people who lie, cheat and become hypocrites when they want something. So, dear reader…… are you one of them or one of us?



I’m not criticizing the people of the west who rule with a stone heart or the people of the east who have become of stone, I am criticizing what everyone of us has become, Muslims and the others alike. This is the truth, the only truth that we have come far from what we believe or what we used to believe because we are hypocrites to our own self if we believe for one second that we are good as we have done what we should not have. Let me tell you in three portions what we are doing majorly wrong.

The first one is lie. The little white lie which infects the sea of truth in us and to protect it (lie) we speak more lies until we are nothing more than the little white lie we started with. The second one is betrayal. The act of betrayal is only possible when one makes a promise or a commitment which he will or would not complete which leads back to the topic in a full circle, betrayal. The third and final portion is hypocrisy. I know you’ve heard this word is the reason for what we do, but we are simply blaming our worries and troubles on a blank and an insignificant word who’s meaning just explains what we have become, a hypocrite. These are the small yet big problems in our life which lead to yet more lies, betrayals and acts of hypocrisy.

You can prevent this type of outcome when an important decision comes into your life and be careful to make the right one, always the right one. Okay, I guess i have said enough serious stuff to make the boogeyman cry so go fetch yourself an ice-cream and watch a cheap, low-budget comedy film to cheer yourself up but don’t forget what I said to you because it is the bright truth.

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