Nouman Ali Khan Has Very Strong Words about the Entire Controversy Surrounding Him

Nouman Ali Khan, a renowned Islamic preacher who we all have been thoroughly following since his inception to the mainstream level. Just recently, we came across a grave controversy surrounding him. Pictures referring to WhatsApp conversations with a woman went viral on social media. However, no concrete proof has still been presented which could certify the authenticity of such claims.

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People have come to ask many questions about the authenticity of everything relevant to the case of Nouman Ali Khan. Some argue it could be fabricated. Even Rabia Chaudry, who was proactively addressing this issue on social media has a lot to say about it. A few days back, Nouman Ali Khan addressed the controversial claims and summons an open discussion about everything.

This is what Nouman Ali Khan said the other day…

While I am concerned about preserving the integrity of my work, family and reputation, I’m also genuinely concerned about the negative fallout of this unfortunate spiral on the larger community. I have a suggestion to those that feel there are victims whose rights we must stand up for. As I made clear in my statement I believe the interactions in question were based on mutual consent and there was no questionable intent behind them. If there are parties who feel otherwise and feel victimized, I am ready and willing to listen to them, be it though arbiters of their choice, attorneys and senior trusted members of the community. I understand the sentiment that people feel in that victims may be too afraid to come forward for many reasons that they have my word that they will be safe from public scrutiny.

I have never been given an opportunity to have these claims specifically brought to me and to respond to them in any attempt to resolve the matter. This is not about my reputation. This is to protect these alleged victims, my family and the ummah. If I am invited to such a meeting, I will not refuse.

Let’s allow for a theater free environment to examine all the evidence, cross-examine it, discuss and debate it and then conclude. Let us get to the truth of this as I am weary of the way things have transpired. People knowledgeable in Islam should not be solving disputes through hearsay and a public spectacle. I am more than happy to defer to elders in our community as to how to move forward once fair process is given its due.

May Allah give us all sincerity, a commitment to justice and a desire to have our deeds motivated by the desire to do good and please only our Maker.

Here is the original Facebook post:

While I am concerned about preserving the integrity of my work, family and reputation, I'm also genuinely concerned…

Posted by Nouman Ali Khan on Friday, September 22, 2017

Fair enough. What do you guys make up of this?

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