Someone's Phone Rang During Nouman Ali Khan's Lecture and His Reaction Was Absolutely PERFECT!

Someone’s Phone Rang During Nouman Ali Khan’s Lecture and His Reaction Was Absolutely PERFECT!

Remember the time when your beloved cell phone really dragged you into trouble? During that important meeting, during namaz, that whacky professor’s lecture, your parents lecturing you, your girlfriend demanding you to listen to her and simply in every situation you expect your phone’s ringtone doesn’t go off. But that’s life folks, it comes and knocks you down in unimaginable ways and in unimaginable situations.

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It has happened to us at some point in life – we couldn’t help but scramble our fingers towards putting it on silent and hoping nobody notices it. Sometimes the person across you do notices and they just choose to ignore, if you’re that lucky. Otherwise, you just incurred their wrath on you…

A similar situation was encountered by a person during Nouman Ali Khan’s lecture. Their phone rang and how you expect the situation to unfold next is totally unlikely. Keeping in mind the demeanor of Nouman Ali Khan, it must have gone decently, without him lashing out at the person of course.

A person’s phone started ringing and how Nouman Ali Khan noticed is brilliant

Man, every adjective you use in praising him seems short. What a guy, he is! He simply tackles a situation without making the other person feel uncomfortable. He casually – without even changing the subject – addressed the situation, so comfortably and humorously. You cannot go without laughing hysterically over it.

Nouman Ali Khan simply doesn’t cease to amaze us. It’s the first time he has left us totally astounded with his actions and his words. He continues to inspire us both in terms of his insight of the religion and life in general. His social persona and prowess stand out as unique characteristics and it remains one of the reasons why he carries a great influence on people with his words.

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