Nouman Ali Khan Explains the Halal Way of Approaching a Girl and It’s VERY Inspiring

Nouman Ali Khan, the Pakistani-American Muslim speaker inspires millions by his lectures on Islamic ideology parallel to human life. He is an outstanding speaker who continues to resolves matters in the light of religion. His simplicity, personalized approach and interactive engagement with listeners have put him in high respects and his reason continues to inspire lives and provide help.

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Nouman Ali Khan has a certain style of addressing his audience. He often uses humor to connect and utilizes reason to make sense out of highly misunderstood subjects. It is for this reason, Muslims all around the world find him their outright first choice when it comes to any matter of religion and life whether social, political, economical, whatsoever. Considering all, being a speaker may not be easy, especially when certain questions are asked that require an adequate answer. Nouman Ali Khan encountered such a situation recently when he was addressing a group of people in East London.

Somebody asked Nouman Ali Khan the question, “what’s the Halal way of approaching a girl” and his answer is a must, must watch

Nouman addresses a social matter that our society, especially in the sub-continent continues to deal with. He offers a perspective that will insanely inspire you. Unlike the conventional approach, he uses reason and highlights how men and women should take action if they are attracted to each other. He also suggests against forced marriages for women. Watch the video below:

Many would have expected this man to lose his mind over it. You would normally expect such questions to hit a bad nerve with anyone like him. But, he chose to answer it and answered it so well. I am sure you wish our society could understand it for good.

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He relates with life back in the time of Prophet (PBUH) and offers good examples, which is enough for your paradigm shift. His humorous approach to the subject and reasoning out of it is very commendable. Our society needs to understand what Nouman Ali Khan tried to explain. If we adopt the approach he lays emphasis on, we would not be surrounded by marriage issues and will remain in the boundaries of religious fundamentals.

What do you guys think about what he has to say in the video?

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