Not Everything Is Supposed To Be Mocked, Especially When A Son Cries For His Mother

Bilawal Cried -

Hello Internet, let’s talk. We’re all aware of the male-female dichotomy that traverses throughout everything that a person does in his or her life. Be it the choice of the color for their clothes or the emotional responses to a certain situation, there is a set of rules that a guy should follow and a way that a girl should.

We’ll comment on the rest some other time. Right now we want to highlight a relatively meager issue. The kind of issue that phrases like, “mard rota nahi”, “mard ko dard nahi hota” and “mard bano” propagate. That emotional vulnerability is a sin for men. That they cannot cry or feel sad or hurt over emotional offenses or hurt.

Pakistan has been awfully classless and ruthless towards Bilawal Zardari. We make fun of his speech and his emotional breakdown all under the pretenses that men should behave a certain way and any other way is “wrong”.

We’ve seen Bilawal cried during his speeches whenever he mentions his mother; Muhtarma Benazir Bhutto Shaheed. It’s a moment of vulnerability for a child who has lost his mother. Yet, there are people who haven’t developed enough sensibility to perceive it what for it is.

Previously, Pervez Rashid has been heard making indecent statements about the chairman of the second biggest political party in Pakistan.

Following his statements, there was an out-pour of a collective indecency on the news channels and social media regarding him. Today, we witnessed multiple people on the internet making fun and cracking jokes on him just because Bilawal cried when he mentioned his mother.

How sensible people think


because this is how everyone uses their parents’ death, right?




Bilawal, still being more sane than all of us collectively has a message for everyone

Laughing and making fun of a persons sadness over their mothers’ death is not just classless, it’s unempathetic and cruel! And definitely not the Islam any of them claim to follow!

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