Muslim Man In Norway Stops Racist Man From Burning The Quran!

norway quran burning

Islamophobia, racism and religious hatred have been giving rise to various hate crimes against Muslims in various countries around the world; mostly in the West. Cases of brutal attacks, armed and un-armed are increasing at an alarmingly rapid pace.

The narrative of Islam linked to terror and violence is still till this date is sold widely, brainwashing a majority through planned propagandas and campaigns. What’s ironic is that mostly it is the white-non-Muslim men that carry out hateful crimes.

The notorious Islamophobic campaign.

Backtracking a little, in 2018, the ‘Punish A Muslim Day’ letters shook the Muslim families and were widely distributed in East London. The hate inducing letters encouraged people to verbally and physically abuse Muslims, promising certain points in return. The appalling act was finally taken action against and the man behind the campaign, David Parnham was placed behind bars.

A recent event of brutal-violence against a Pregnant Muslim Woman.

Fast-forwarding to the current times, a 38 weeks pregnant Muslim woman was beaten violently with fits and kicks by a large man in Sydney, Australia. Moreover, it was a clear case of Islamophobia that cannot be placed under the veil of ‘mental disability‘. Many regarded it as ‘provocation’ from the Muslims seated in the restaurant.

Muslim Woman Attacked in Sydney Australia

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However, the surveillance footage has placed all worries to rest. The videos have spread far and wide, clearly showing a family seated minding their own business when a man approaches and suddenly started beating the woman. The video is hard to watch and is scary.

Moreover, another case of such nature has come forward and is taking the Muslim world by storm. This time, in Norway.

A Muslim man stops a racist man in Norway trying to burn the Quran.

This hateful man belonged from an anti-Islamic group by the name SIAN (Stop the Islamisation of Norway) that carried out this abominable hate-crime in the Muslim-populated city of Kristiansand. The holiest book, Al-Quran was almost set to fire when a man launched himself in the direction of the culprit and tried to stop him from committing such blasphemy. Unfortunately, the Norway police instantly got into action and pinned him onto the floor, while the man offending millions of Muslims, walked free.

This video became the latest topic of debate, garnering various opinions and sentiments towards it. However, the bottom line is that the racist man has disappointed every Muslim around the world. In addition, respect, love, harmony, peace, tolerance, and co-existence should have been a norm by now. Sadly, we are still living in dangerous times.

Telenor Pakistan condemns the incident:

Telenor Pakistan condemns acts that disrespect any religion. Operating in a Muslim country, we express our deepest concern over this act and encourage everyone to embrace one of Telenor’s key values of being respectful.”

The world reacted to this video.

The Defender of Quran’  is his title.

Without a shadow of a doubt. In a bid to battle Islamophobia, Pakistan’s Prime Minister Imran Khan brought Turkish and Malaysian leaders together for a project that involves an English Anti-Islamophobia channel. Nonetheless, it is important for all Muslim countries to come together in this fight of false-notions.

Using #GonnaTellMyKids meme to convey their message.

Hopefully, the government and concerned authorities of Norway will not disappoint.

Another is of opinion that Muslims should stop discrimination amongst themselves and simply come under the umbrella of ‘One-Whole-Ummah’; only then, such hate-crimes will end.

Pakistanis initiated ‘Boycott Telenor’ campaign in solidarity.

A question for the liberals and secularists, around the world.

‘Islam is a religion of peace’ – This fact is not only well-known but the enlightened non-Muslims accept it, as well. However, bigotry has always lingered in every society. Moreover, today this Quran burning incident in Norway was a grim reminder of the fact that so many anti-Muslim/Islam organizations exist around the world, working towards bringing havoc among the Muslims; attacking them, verbally abusing them and worse, murder.

Muslims nations need to address this issue together. One or two leaders cannot shoulder the entire burden of eradicating decades-old brainwash. We hope there will be a decrease in Islamophobic cases. Insha’Allah!

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