Pakistan’s Heaviest Man Noorul Hassan Gets Successful Liposuction Surgery

pakistan's heaviest man

Pakistan’s heaviest man that made headlines because of his unhealthy weight has undergone successful liposuction surgery. He weighs more than 330kg. His body was not able to withstand the massive amount of weight and he had to go under the knife to stay alive.



The man Noorul Hassan was first hospitalized on June 18th. Right now, he is still in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU). It can be a scary time if your body gives in due to your unhealthy ways of conduct. This is why it is important to look after every meal that you consume. Not be too obsessive over it, but understand that you’re not eating heaps of calories a day.

The Liposuction Surgery Went Well:

The surgeon Mauz-ul-Hassan mentions that the surgery was quite difficult to complete as the risk was high. Moreover, the surgery lasted for about an hour and forty minutes. The almost two hours must have exhausted him and that is a given considering his body was weak already. “Noorul Hassan will stabilize over the next four days and he may shed over 100kg in coming six months,” said the surgeon.

pakistan's heaviest man

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The entirety of  Pakistan remains curious about the outcome of this individual. The first news had everyone in shock. About 330kg and a person is still alive? How!? Well, he was alive but barely. Rescue personnel had to break the wall of his house to pass the man out of the door. He was so heavy that the gate seemed too narrow. Qamar Javed Bajwa, Pakistan Army Chief General, is responsible for all the arrangements made for Hassan to reach the hospital and receive the surgery. Many are waiting for a positive response from the hospital’s side regarding his liposuction surgery.



pakistan's heaviest man

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Also, according to a survey it is in confirmation that about 29% of Pakistan’s population is overweight. Much of this has a connection with the fact that we barely leave our homes. Pakistani’s love to roll around at home instead of doing something productive (gladly we don’t have many Pakistan’s heaviest man headlines though)

Moreover, our environment isn’t friendly enough to walk around the streets like it’s a park. The pollution and disrupted roads make everyone climb in their beds not wanting to leave. However, that should not be used as an excuse because just like a famous saying ‘if you can’t walk then crawl’, it is better to make the most out of the surroundings.

pakistan's heaviest man

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Anyhow, previously, an obese person in Pakistan had to receive surgery as well. He was about 360 kg and was able to reduce his weight to below 200kg after the surgery.

Hassan got help from social media. Apparently, he pleaded Pakistan’s army chief for help then the General made the special arrangements to cater to the man. This also shows the power of social media and the importance of awareness towards helping people. This is why bringing the word out to the world is necessary. You never know where you might get help from.

Anyways, everyone is praying for the safety of Hassan. Hopefully, he loses enough weight to regain his healthy life back.



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