People Are Just In Love With Noori’s Final Song For Coke Studio Season 9

Noori, Noori and Noori – the words that can easily summarize this year’s Coke Studio as the band did proper justice to every song they sang and produced.

Regardless of what views the season got, everyone agrees on how amazing Noori has been in everything they featured. To top it all of, they were featured in the season finale with another song, O Re.

Unlike most of the songs Noori usually sings, this one is absolutely different from their regular songs. Given how lovely the song and its lyrics are, Noori managed to make their fans groove to this song as well.

Absolutely Right

Noori Didn’t Ruin It For Anyone, I am Sure


More and More and More

The Episode Is Turning Out To Be Great


Noori to Coke Studio Is What Misbah to Cricket it

Great Idea

Listen to Noori’s season finale song and enjoy the amazing blend of the duo.

Thank you, Noori for this amazing season!

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