Noor Mukadam Case: Father Had Assured Zahir Jaffer Of ‘Handling’ The Body Disposal

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Noor Mukadam missed six life-saving opportunities due to the active assistance of the accomplices of the main accused, Zahir Jaffer, in her murder. The investigation report of the Islamabad police submitted to the trial court made some shocking revelations. The father of Zahir Jaffer even assured his son of taking care of the body disposal of Noor.

“Her life could have been saved had the accomplices acted otherwise,” claimed the report. Mukadam attempted to escape from Jaffer’s illegal detention twice, according to the report submitted to Additional District and Sessions Judge Atta Rabbani.

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In spite of her best efforts, she was unable to free herself due to the involvement of the security guard and the gardener. Jaffer had also reportedly spoken to his father, who was in Karachi, on the day of the incident, July 20, four times. Hence, the latter knew about the illegal detention and the situation at their home. His father later assured him of taking care of the disposal of Mukaddam’s body.

“You need not worry, I can handle this. I am sending people to rescue you and to dispose of the dead body,” the report quotes his father as saying.

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The report states Jaffer was supposed to leave for the US at 3:50 pm on July 19 by Qatar Airlines. However, he did not go. More so, the alleged murderer’s parents knew about the incident but did not report it.

The police also provided a list of 18 witnesses, including Shaukat Ali Mukadam, the father of the deceased, doctors who conducted the autopsy, and police officials.

A confession of guilt

Mukadam came to Jaffer’s house in F-7/4 on July 18 after the security guard let her in, according to the report. A brawl broke out between the two after Mukadam refused to marry him. The accused murderer then illegally detained her in a room, as stated in the report, in which Jaffer admitted to killing her.

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He claimed that Mukadam declined his marriage proposal and he detained her in a room. Angry over being forced into detention, she warned Jaffer about its consequences. She threatened to file a police complaint against him.

Jaffer, as per the statement, informed his parents about the incident and ordered the domestic staff to prevent anyone from entering or letting her leave. Mukadam managed to escape from the room and run toward the main entrance, where the security guard Iftikhar stopped her.

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Mukadam again made a desperate effort to escape from the washroom’s window and ran towards the main gate, the report added. The security guard, however, instead of helping her, went to the basement. In addition, the gardener, Mohammad Jan, also refused to allow her to open the main gate.

Then Jaffer dragged Noor into a room and beheaded her. Jaffer had reportedly made calls to his parents at 2:21 pm, 3 pm, 6:35 pm, and 7:29 pm before killing and beheading Mukadam.

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