Actress Noor Dances On The "Break Up Song" To Allegedly Celebrate

Actress Noor Dances On The “Break Up Song” To Allegedly Celebrate Her Separation From Husband

Celebrities today just don’t spare a chance to start trending in the news. Come to think of it, seems like it is a part of their job that they cannot escape. They have to stay relevant because it increases their chances for work, after all, the entertainment industry today is ruling by those who know how to get viral.

Part of being a celebrity also entails an aspect of doing things differently. You might be a common person with a normal agenda towards life and you might do things quite normally. Whereas, celebrities, you will always find their take on things rather differently. They would either be setting an example for something or attempting to stay relevant.

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That’s understandable but it does come off a price and that is criticism. Think of how many celebrities have attempted mind-boggling things to stay in the news and the level of criticism they amassed along with it… We have yet another celebrity that has got people talking about her.

Noor Bukhari joins the bandwagon of people who celebrate their separation by dancing!

Here’s the viral video that people are terming as, “leaked”.

Well, not sure if our people are going to react to this peacefully. Surely, she just sparked a lot of controversies and there must be a heap of hate on her for dancing. But, we must not judge her in any way. It is her life and she is liable to do whatever the heck she wishes to.

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We can at least say that she is dealing with it peacefully. Surely, it is hard for people to recover from separations and some tend to get depressed very easily.

There has been a new trend of celebrating break ups, separations or divorces… You all must remember that girl who joined her friend in celebrating her divorce with a cake! It seems to be an outrageous trend and many people continue to follow it.

Well, Noor Bukhari was surrounded with many loopholes in her marriage with her former husband. She found a way out and we wish both the individual sincere wishes for the future in their respective lives.

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