Non-Muslims Are Supporting Burkini In These Epic Ways

The recent ban on the love child between burqa and a bikini; the burkini in France, has sparked a conversation between people on both sides of the fence. Some think that it is justified based on the security concerns by the country’s government. On the other hand, many believe that the ban is a result and consequence of pure, basic bigotry and islamophobia.

There’s no liberation in force. If you think you can’t force a woman to wear a burqa, it also holds weight that you can’t force a woman to not wear a burqa/burkini either. The entire construct of a “secular state” is the fact that you let equal opportunities and lend similar freedom to everyone in your country across all religions and school of thoughts.

Fortunately for everyone, Muslims aren’t the only one raging against this preposterous ban. Many non-Muslims and French nationals have chimed in on the debate to support the burkini. While some are contributing to the debate through their voice on the social media and other platforms, there are some that have taken the initiative a step further. Introducing: the “Motokini” Just as “suspicious” looking as the “Burkini”, the lax laws and no cries for ban on it has laid bare, the inconsistencies, hatred, bigotry and dual standards of the French administration.

Since the ban, a French Imam has posted this picture of Christian orthodox nuns enjoying the beach in the classical nun outfit. According to some unconfirmed reports, the Facebook profile of the French Imam , who posted this picture on his facebook timeline, has been removed. With the world moving towards intolerance towards different cultural and religious practices and countries growing wary and suspicious of them, it seems that there might still be hope at the end of the tunnel.

The world’s most famous Prime Minister, the Prime Minister of Canada, Justin Tredeau has announced his disappointment on the ban of Burkinis and claims that his administration would never go down that path as Canada stands for tolerance and equality.

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