Nauman Ijaz Shamelessly Admits He Cheated On His Wife & Twitter Is On Fire Now!

Nauman Ijaz

Renowned Pakistani television and film actor Nauman Ijaz is under fire after his controversial interview goes viral on social media. The veteran actor boasts about cheating on his wife without her finding out. Netizens could not be more outraged!

The former Pakistani model Iffat Omar invited actor Nauman Ijaz as her first guest on her show on YouTube, Say It All with Iffat Omar. Unlike her contemporaries, Omar touches upon hard-hitting subjects such as domestic violence and sexual harassment that continue to plague Pakistan’s entertainment industry.

I Have Extramarital Affairs Without My Wife Finding Out, Says Noman Ijaz
Source: Instagram

When asked about the secret of a successful marriage, Ijaz gives a candid response without feeling the need to mince his words. Essentially, the veteran actor goes on to say,

“If I talk about my wife Rabia I feel I am so blessed to have her in my life. I always get in love with pretty girls. Whenever I get a chance I flirt with them. I have dated many girls but my wife never knew about it.”

Hats off to you man! What a thing to blow your trumpet on. As if this was not enough, he added, “I am such a great actor and an intelligent man. My wife never finds out about my extramarital affairs.”

He has clearly mastered the art of keeping secrets from his wife.

Wait, he does not stop here…

Ijaz said, “And the best part is the girls who I have affairs with, even their husbands don’t know about it. We reciprocate our love and feelings for each other.”

Ironically, this actor has worked in a number of dramas that highlighted the oppression of women. Is he an oppressor in reality, too?

I Have Extramarital Affairs Without My Wife Finding Out, Says Noman Ijaz
Source: Instagram

Moreover, the interviewer expressed surprise over his statement. Sadly, the host simply laughed it off saying that she also needs to learn something from him.

In addition to this, his comments regarding the #MeToo movement and women’s rights were not only senseless but downright offensive. In fact, the Mera Saeen actor bluntly dismissed it.

Ijaz felt no shame in using the Deen card to disregard the movement to raise awareness of the pervasiveness of sexual abuse and assault in society. This man had the audacity to bring in religion and say,

“People can go around, say anything. These things are being used as a weapon in this society. #Metoo movement and all this is happening because we are moving away from our religion.”

Huge criticism is pouring in on social media

As soon as the video went viral on social media, Twitterati were quick to slam actor Nauman Ijaz for endorsing infidelity and passing misogynistic comments. Well, he asked for it!

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