Lack Of Opportunities In Pakistan Is A Leading Cause Of Mental Illnesses In Our Youth

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Anxiety and depression, aren’t these words too often used by our generation? When they should be energetic having an avalanche of dreams, all we are heard saying is what to do next? What’s my future?

Every year 1000s of students are graduating from the universities with nothing but unemployment and dissatisfaction. Even the jobs are paying peanuts as compared to the money and effort spent by them in return. Each and everyone is living a life while competing with others, wasting more than 50 hours weekly on social media, resulting in more depression and psychological traumas.

Our society still thinks that a girl to be should be married maximum by the age of 25, which is resulting in millions of talented girls wasting their education and boys being burdened with the noble career choices. Even in this so-called advancing state, people look down upon the individuals trying to do something out of the box.

Students after graduating from high schools have no mentors and no direction regarding their career choices. Many youngsters trying out their luck as entrepreneurs cannot fulfill their dreams due to lack of funds and investments. It’s high time for everyone to be sure with the fact that a country with depressant youth can never flourish.

Source: Jahangir’s World Times

With new restaurants building up at every other corner, demanding a lavish lifestyle to enter and paying not less than 1500 per head, where is everyone heading? This materialism puts more pressure onto our youth, hence getting misused at many instances. So many young girls and boys choose wrong directions and make wrong decisions just for fame and money! Just to get in the competition of “who is better than whom”.

Even after attainment of dreams, the youngsters seem not to be happy, why? Easy, because the new social media update by someone might just turn to be more likable than theirs.

The industrial cities have no public entertainment apart from a number of burger joints and cafes, providing a lazy lifestyle… thus,  causing a more serious issue of obesity. The government needs to address this very serious social issue and bring outlets for our youth to vent out their frustrations rather than further masking it up into a personality leading to anxiety disorders.

Source: Parhlo

Because the talent of our youth is not being appreciated many of them leave the country to try their lucks in other countries, hence causing a brain drain! Government institutes are not even providing the education on par with the private institutes some of which are foreign-affiliated creating furthermore educational disparity leading to depression.

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