No more Blackmailing – Pakistan’s first Cyber Harassment Helpline Launching Soon

Have you been blackmailed on the internet? Have your pictures been leaked? Have they made fake IDs of your name? Are they defaming you? – If not, many of us would know someone who has been affected by these or other related issues.

Lack of legal knowledge and understanding among the masses lets cyber criminals be at ease and sneak away without facing any sort of retribution. The silence of the victims allows the offenders even more. It has been going like this for long, however, this may not be the case anymore.

On December 1st, a digital rights organization called ‘Digital Rights Foundation’ will be launch Pakistan’s only Cyber Harassment helpline. The helpline service is supposed to provide free services to victims of online harassment focussing on safety and confidentiality.

A statement by the NGO reads, “DRF is launching Pakistan’s first Cyber Harassment Helpline, which will provide a free, safe, and confidential service to victims of online harassment,”

The statement further stated that the helpline, launching on 1st December, will ensure that legal advice, digital security, psychological counseling and appropriate referrals are provided to the victims.

The soft launch of the helpline is scheduled to be held in Islamabad during the DRF’s Hamara Internet – Ending Online Violence Against Women conference.

You can read the full statement here:


The helpline service by Digital Rights Foundation can be reached on their toll-free number 0800-39393.

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