‘No Isolation Rooms For Doctors’: COVID-19 Positive Doctor Shares Horrible Details

"No Isolation Rooms For Doctors"Dr. Sarwat, Victim Of COVID-19 Shares Horrible Details

Another unfortunate case of CoronaVirus emerges due to poor management and a lack of guidelines followed by the MCH Centre of the Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences (PIMS) in Islamabad.

Dr. Sarwat is a fourth-year resident who was on duty at PIMS hospital. She narrates the unforgiving actions of the management leading to such devastating results.

Doctors tested positive for COVID-19

In a video message recorded by Dr.Sarwat, she revealed that she had been called to duty despite having all symptoms of COVID-19.


“I have tested positive for COVID-19 and another doctor working with me has also tested positive for COVID-19,”

She added that she had requested the administration to seal MCH, but wasn’t taken seriously,

“I was performing my duty despite being diagnosed with coronavirus.”

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No isolation room for doctors

Since her results came out positive, Sarwat was kept in isolation in a small, dingy room, which doesn’t even have a bathroom. She requested the upper management to shift the effected doctors to a better location.

“I have been requesting the administration to assign a room for me in the private ward. The ED I talked to had no clue where I was isolated.”

She further stated that the ED’s tone was lacking any attentiveness or concern as he indifferently replied

“We are looking for a place.”

This is not how doctors dedicating their lives on the frontline should be treated! She added. Furthermore sealed in a small room without even a supply of drinking water, Sarwat expresses her anguish of not being able to go home in fear of affecting her son and family.

She appealed to the masses to spread the word of the ongoing conditions of the COVID positive doctors.

She said, “Please spread the word. We do not require your salutes on the streets, we need you to raise voice for how we are treated in real life.”


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