Nimra Ali Breaks Into Tears On Air Seeing Inappropriate & Fake News About Her

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People often dream to become Internet famous; there are so many perks! You get invited to attend events, you get a huge fan following, you get invited as a guest on talk shows and whatnot. Life is great. Until it all goes down. Well, the same happened with the latest social media sensation Nimra Ali.

Ali made headlines after a video went viral in which she is candid yet adorable way expressed her excitement over being featured on TV. However, it did not take long for her cuteness to turn into an utter annoyance. Kudos to all the overnight fame from the unnecessary social media hullabaloo- this girl has now lost all her charm and cuteness in just a day.

Why Did Nimra Ali Break Into Tears On Air?
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Let us all admit that her first video was absolutely natural and we all enjoyed it. In fact, we all low key wished to be as lively as her! But now, all these TV channels approaching her for staged shows is nothing but a cringefest.

Anyhow, the backlash on one side, it is appalling to see how quickly the trolls come out of the woodworks when you gain Internet fame. Social media gives you fame quickly but it also brings you down in no time. So much so that it often destroys your self-worth and leads to emotional break downs. Poor Ali too fell prey to the downside of Internet fame.

Nimra breaks into tears, live, on air

In the latest interview with a local channel, the social media sensation burst into tears over excessive backlash. In the interview, Ali revealed that people are spreading fake news about her and making inappropriate YouTube clickbait.

“The thing is, I am only 17 years old. And I am only trying to make everyone happy here. But that does not mean that you can spread negativity about me,” says Ali while breaking into tears.

Sadly, social media users, only for the sake of sorry likes and views can stoop lower than one can imagine. Questioning her character and making inappropriate fake videos of a 17-year-old girl? Such a shame. People in our society clearly lack tolerance. How hard is it to ignore something you don’t like?

Making sick headlines, thumbnail, and fake news is no joke. It has the potential to ruin relationships, reputations, and ultimately one’s entire life. Even if the incriminating footage is subsequently proven to be fake, the damage to the victim’s reputation may be impossible to repair.

This viral girl needs to learn that when you get fame along with admirers, there are also haters who hate you for no reason. Instead of being overwhelmed by them, she should be courageous enough to face their criticism.

Nonetheless, seems like Ali’s dream to be on the television has come true. But with fame comes a great price, be it nasty keyboard warriors or whatsoever. After all, you signed up for it.

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