From Bridal Shoots To Being A Showstopper – Viral Lahori Girl Nimra Ali Is Going Places!

Viral Lahori Girl Nimra Ali going places

So how many of you remember the Lahori girl Nimra Ali who became viral a few days back? Well, guess what? The social media sensation is back to our screens but this time with a stunning mehndi look done by Kashee’s owner Kashif Aslam himself. One thing is for sure, and evident i.e. this viral Lahori girl Nimra Ali is going places!

The Lahori girl made headlines after a video went viral in which she, in a candid yet adorable way expressed her excitement over being featured on TV.

While being completely in awe of her confidence and wholesome nature, netizens celebrated the young girl with her name trending on Twitter for a while.

Viral Lahori Girl Nimra Ali and sister
Source: Instagram

From making fun-filled appearances in the morning shows to being interviewed on several local news channels, the viral Lahori girl Nimra Ali gained prominence in no time and is now going places. Many designers also began taking Ali as the face of their new collection. And whatnot!

Recently, the renowned Pakistani television host Nida Yasir invited Kashees’s makeup artist team on her show Good Morning Pakistan to showcase his makeup looks for different wedding events. Viral girl, Nimra Ali, was also invited but as his showstopper who carried everything perfectly as a mehndi bride.

Apparently, Kashif Aslam who runs Kashee’s Beauty Parlor, and is a famous beauty expert for both men and women did Ali’s makeup. We have gathered a few pictures for you.

Let’s take a look at some pictures of her mehndi look

Viral Lahori Girl Nimra Ali photoshoot
Source: Instagram
Girl Nimra Ali going places
Girl Nimra Ali
Viral Lahori Girl Nimra Ali
nimra ali kashees

Well, the 17-year-old social media sensation certainly looks stunning, doesn’t she? She is carrying the colorful dress way too well. We are absolutely loving this look! The happy-dappy, unstoppable Ali has once again made people fall in love with her vibes. Needless to say, it is absolutely mesmerizing to see someone so innocent and purely happy. 

But wait… did you know that she can sing, and dance as well?

A few days ago, the social media sensation in one of her many supercharged interviews showcased her singing skills. In the show, the joyful young lady sang the song of Hania Amir’s hit drama serial Anaa. And oh, we were taken aback by it!

Recently, the cheerful girl also did her first bridal shoot. A video of Ali with her dance moves during the shoot took the internet by storm. Also, did you know that she did shooting for her debut song as well just a while ago? Do check it out!

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