Nikki Haley Under Fire for her Outrageous Comments on Israeli Shells

Nikki Haley Under Fire for her Outrageous Comments

Nikki Haley, a former Republican candidate, wrote a disgusting message on Israel’s missile shells for Rafah.

The 52-year-old former governor visited Israel’s northern border with Lebanon. The former US candidate wrote a disgusting message on the missile: ‘Finish them. America loves Israel’.

Nikki Haley claims that the message was meant for Hamas. The public on does not believe so, and Nikki’s picture has received heavy criticism.

Nikki Haley’s emphasis on being politically correct has been the fundamental problem in the ongoing war between Israel and Hamas. Hamas in the eyes of the modern state apparatus may be termed as a terrorist organization but morality seems else.

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Nikki’s picture was shared by Israel’s right-wing politician.

USA’s instance over its stance over its stand with Israel has only intensified the war since its start. It doesn’t seem that USA may soon stop. Donald Trump strong candidate for the second term in office also seem to stand with Israel. 

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