With Great Powder Comes Great Responsibility!

We all enjoy brand wars every now and then, and since a few days we’re all experiencing one. You must have guessed it by now.

Nideo -1


Yes! You are right! It was the set of claims made by Olpers in their recent TVC.

Coming across this ad making such “claims”, we knew these brands are entering the brand war arena. So we just sat back and waited for more drama to roll in.

The footnotes

All the drama took off in an instant and flooded Twitter, just the way we like it, with what was claimed to be a PUBLIC SERVICE MESSAGE..


But to our surprise, or may we call it disappointment


NIDO rebutted these “accusations” in the… well shall we call it “classy” way… and did not miss this chance to remind them that they’re the “big brothers??” in the game. First, they thanked their competitors for acknowledging NIDO as a reputable brand, highlighting that it has the goodness of milk, has been around for 150 years and can claim heritage and their compliance with international and local food regulatory bodies.


Well is this message all about raising your marketing standards? Telling the world that this is how you promote yourself without attacking others, hmmm probably YES.

Even if the claims made in the public service message made a little sense, the insecurity of the “competitors” could have been completely masked.


Secondly, Nido has offered to open its doors to their factory, for everyone to visit and find the facts themselves,

Seems to have given nestle the moral upper hand in addition to a blatant additional opportunity to highlight their goodies and this all completely at “dear competitors” expense.



Enjoy the tweets:

Creativity is errrthing!

This is going to be interesting!


HAHAHA!! No one levels the spoon, okay?

This is something!!!

Simply amazing!

Rishtay mein hum tumharay baap hain? Damn!

So, did you this brand war?Let us know in the comments below!

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