‘I said, No I Can’t Marry You Because You’re Sindhi’ – Nida Yasir Shares Her Personal & Professional Life Insights

Nida Yasir

In the world of morning shows, there have been a lot of hosts came and gone but there’s one face that’s always been in the limelight. Nida Yasir has become one of the most promising faces in the morning show world, even after being trolled for numerous reasons and her actions still she didn’t leave her work.

She has always found herself in the boiling water for her remarks or actions and netizens have always been ready to troll her.

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In the past few months, she hasn’t given any interviews and openly talked about her decision of doing morning sows. But she finally decided to talk about it and share her stance on it.

Nida Yasir made an appearance in an interview with Fuschia magazine, in which she deeply spoke about her educational background, early career aspirations, the road to morning shows, and of course her love story with her actor/producer husband Yasir Nawaz.

Nida Yasir openly talked about her personal and professional life

Talking about her career goals, she revealed that she had widely different goals. Nida shared that she has honors in physics.

She explained, “People don’t know about it since I didn’t go into that field. I chose physics because previously I wanted to pursue food sciences and technology but, because there are so few seats in that subject, I chose physics as my second option.”

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Nida further added, “I was always good at math and physics. My mother was good in these subjects as well and so are my kids, so it’s in my genes. We got it from my grandfather.”

Still having that much knowledge about maths and physics she lacks in other areas too. She even laughed when she looked back at her clip of F1, where she asked ridiculous questions to the guest and now that clip has become a national meme.

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Nida Yasir elaborated on her big shift in career from getting a proper degree, pursuing hotel management, and then heading towards acting.

“After studying physics for a couple of years, I got hotel management training from Marriott for two years. I got into acting so that I could save up money to go study abroad because I wanted to go to Switzerland which is known for its hotel management school,” she shared.

‘I got greedy’ – Nida Yasir

She explained how she managed to save up the money for the Hotel Management and gathered enough funds. Nida added, “Once I managed to save up the money, I got greedy. The maximum pay in hotel management at the time was Rs 50,000.

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I thought about spending all that money only to earn so little. Pakistan doesn’t have any scope for hoteliers. It’s only beneficial if you have your hotel. Jobs won’t allow you to earn as much, despite the huge investment.”

She also put some light on when she became a mother, she revealed that she didn’t act for six years and took a back seat. She reflected, “I didn’t act for six years.

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I’d do small hosting gigs where I’d shoot for the entire month in four days. I properly dedicated my time to raising my children. I’d cook on my own because we didn’t have the money to hire too many helping hands.”

She further added, Nida added, “When Yasir got an apartment, we produced Nadaaniyaan in it. We’d keep the kids in one room and use the rest for shooting. In a few scenes, you can see my kids peeking in the background.” 

‘We have an interesting journey together’ – Nida Yasir

After career, motherhood, and education. Nida Yasir shifted the mood towards her love life and the beautiful successful relationship she’s having with Yasir Nawaz. She put some light on their marriage life, “Yasir and I have had a very interesting journey. That’s why we’ve been together for so long. We struggled together.”


She reflected on their first meeting, “Yasir’s first impression of me was horrible. He was a senior actor and had worked with Mehreen Jabbar, Humayun Saeed, and Sania Saeed. He was very arrogant. He used to think too highly of himself. I think he was too proud of his fair complexion.”

She added, “When I first got a role with him, I was happy because I was cast alongside him because he was an older actor.


I was all ready and he ditched us on the shoot that day. The shoot was canceled because of him. I told him he was very arrogant, but then the impression I had of him changed. His sense of humor was so great that I had so much fun working with him.”

On the set of Muhabbat, Yasir’s interest in her grew widely. She said, “The girls used to get dropped off home in a van, and I was worried about getting home late so he offered to drop me off since I lived close by.

That’s it… I never anticipated what would happen next. I thought to myself how this mustached man must have been so much older than I was. So, I used to be scared of him.”

Explaining how she had no idea what was going on in his head, she added, “We’d talk very generally. I couldn’t tell he was interested in me. Just like that, when he was driving me home one day, he changed course and instead of going to my house took the route to the PTV studio.

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He took the longer route and said he wanted to talk to me about something and offered to take me out for juice. I refused… so we drove around and he proposed to me on the PTV road.”

She also shared that she initially rejected his proposal. She shared, “Do you want to know what I responded with? I said, ‘No, I can’t marry you because you’re Sindhi.’ He was so taken aback, he said we had different ethnicities but not different religions… I had the wrong perception of Sindhis in my head.”

Yasir wasn’t supportive when it comes to the morning show

She even also openly talked about the most important question that people always desire to ask her. She revealed a secret about the morning show is that Yasir was not always open to her pursuing a career as a morning show host. Explaining how her husband feared her work may encroach on their family life, Nida recalled, “My husband didn’t want me to do morning shows.

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He said they don’t have a good history and that they end up ruining marriages. He’s a little future-conscious and family-oriented. He wants the kind of wife who sets the table for him and lays out his clothes in the morning… I did all that in the beginning before I got busy. It’s what my husband desired, so I pampered him.”

Despite her husband’s objections, Nida kept at it. “I told him I’d only do it for a year. Then it became two years. Then it was six months more,” she shared, adding, “That kept going on and on, and now I have 13 and a half years of hosting morning shows.”

Morning Show for Nida Yasir has become part of her controversy because one day or another she finds herself diving into the big controversy. Last year, she again caught herself in a fire when she asked Pakistani skipper Babar Azam ‘Sanwali Chalegi?’

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