WATCH: Nida Yasir Gets An Earful For Inviting ‘Saas-Bahu’ Drama On The Show For TRP

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The renowned morning show host Nida Yasir recently has once again managed to land in hot water. In her latest TV antic, she invited pairs of mothers-in-law and daughters-in-law for the two to face off in front of an audience.

Yasir often makes the headlines for her half-witted antics. After recently becoming fodder for trolling for her poorly researched interview, one would have expected her to come up with better content for her morning show. But somehow, the host never fails to surprise us with her problematic stunts.

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A clip from the show doing the rounds on social media follows a mother-in-law complaining about how she had demanded an educated daughter-in-law who can care for the home. She stresses that her daughter-in-law has no interest in looking after domestic affairs. 

The clip was shared by talk show host and social media influencer Kanwal Ahmed on Twitter. ‘Nida Yasir just topped her own problematic standards on this show where she invited saas bahus to complain about each other,” she wrote. “Like here, a saas claims she hired a marriage bureau to find her a ‘perfect’ bahu who is educated but must stay home – only to discover she’s ‘phuar’.”

“Like forget commodifying women and calling them two in one – we’ll also degrade them on the show for their lack of interest in picking up after EVERYONE because their in-laws “demanded” a girl who stays home even after acquiring an engineering degree,” she added.

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On one hand, several people claimed the show to be staged, and on the other, many called out the harmful nature of the content, and how it is used for higher ratings. 

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It may be recalled that earlier this year in an interview on Time Out with Ahsan Khan, Yasir spoke about how educational content usually leads to a fall in ratings. “Interviews with known people usually get very high ratings,” she shared. But as soon as we switch to something more educational or informative the numbers fall. I love the more informative shows and so does the more educated demographic.”

Meanwhile, the internet can unearth embarrassing things about you and there is no way to go back. That is something Yasir appears to be learning the hard way. The morning show host just recently landed in trouble for her colorist remarks.

An old video clip showed Yasir asking the cricketer Babar Azam inappropriate questions regarding his potential partner, particularly on whether he would prefer a “gori or sanwali” wife.

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