NFAK’s Death Anniversary Floods Twitter With Tweets Of Admiration

NFAK's Death Anniversary

Today is NFAK’s death anniversary. In 1997 a cardiac arrest took the life NFAK in London. However, by the age of 48, the Qawwali maestro had given the world enough music to let his legacy live by centuries. He recorded around 125 Qawwali albums before he died.

Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan is one legendary name that no one is ready to forget just yet. Pakistan music industry has never had a shinier star than NFAK. He isn’t just recognized and loved in Pakistan but the admiration of his songs is outspread. The contribution of NFAK to the industry has no equal near or far. His music has no age limit. Everyone from youngsters to adult has NFAK’s songs in their playlist.

However, the music of NFAK has specifically been reaching the new generation through the remixes of his songs being used in Bollywood or Lollywood films. Even the remixes of his songs are captivating. These remixes are incredibly keeping his work alive long after his death. It is a great favor to the legend that the nation is doing efforts to keep his music and name alive. Since his legacy is not the kind to be forgotten.

Regardless of what mood you’re listening to his songs in, you would enter into an entirely different state of mind. That is why his songs make everyone fall in love with them instantly.

Tribute To NFAK By Fans On His Death Anniversary

On NFAK’s death anniversary, the twitter is flooded with the love of his fans. Everyone is paying tribute to NFAK with messages of love and sharing moments from his music career.

Every time a new remix of Ustad Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan drops by, the nation tunes back into the original version and also start listening to other of his songs/qawwalis.

The effect that the music of NFAK’s song has on the listeners is incomparable. Fans love every little bit of his music, even the synced claps and tabla. The work that he did has its own place in the hearts of Pakistanis. Hence, no other artist up til now has been able to conquer that place.

Even though he lived a short life, he made great name and recognition across oceans. He performed concerts internationally which were even attended by his foreign fans. His music has transcended the barriers of language and geography. So it is impossible to believe that someone living in Pakistan would have not heard his name. 

Are you a fan of NFAK’s Qawwalis? Which one is your favorite? Let us know in the comments.

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