‘Jacinda Hum Sharminda Hain: Pakistanis Are Upset Over NZ’s New Case From Lahore

pakistani in new zealand

New Zealand became the first country last week to get rid of the global pandemic. However, the happiness didn’t stay for too long. Two women who flew to the island country from London to see a dying parent tested positive for COVID-19 last week. Now, a 60-year-old Pakistani man has tested positive in the country and the entire Pakistani nation on social media is feeling sorry.

New Zealand President Jacinda Ardern enjoyed enormous popularity for her success at ridding the country of coronavirus infection. Also, she became an inspiration for many when she stood for Muslims after the Christchurch mosque attack.

A man who flew from Pakistan to New Zealand tested positive for the coronavirus this week. He became the country’s third reported case in a matter of days, NZ health officials said Thursday. The Pakistani man, in his 60s, arrived in Auckland from Pakistan on June 13 on Flight NZ124, transiting through Doha and Melbourne.

Officials are contacting all passengers on the flight and have alerted overseas counterparts for the other flights.

According to foreign media reports, on Monday, the man developed symptoms of COVID-19 and was transferred to a quarantine facility, the ministry said. He was tested Tuesday and the results came back positive the next day.

Pakistanis feel ‘sorry’ for New Zealand

Soon after the news broke, Pakistanis took to Twitter and expressed their disappointment. Everyone was in awe when NZ beat the deadly pandemic. Now, because of a Pakistani, the pandemic is likely to spread in the country once again.

On the other hand, some felt that it’s not about being apologetic for something which can’t be controlled.

The country has now once again imposed restriction and requires all people arriving from abroad to quarantine for 14 days to avoid reintroducing the disease.

However, in Pakistan, the coronavirus cases have been surging with each passing day. The country has already surpassed China in coronavirus cases.


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