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10 Best Business Schools In Pakistan Which Produce The Most Able Business Grads With A Safe Future!

As the building of an individual's character majorly depends on the level of education he pertains. From personal grooming to… Read More

These Luxurious Camping Pods For Vacations In Nathia Gali Are Definitely Instagram Worthy!

Tourism in Pakistan has the potential that wasn't tapped into before, but now the incumbent government is making considerable efforts… Read More

PM Imran Khan Takes Action Against Kasur Police After Remains Of Three Boys Were Discovered!

The child-abuse epidemic has gone too far in Pakistan taking the lives of countless innocent minor children. They are abducted… Read More

Meesha Shafi Files Lawsuit Against Her Defamer Ali Zafar Of Rs 2 Billion

The ongoing case of sexual harassment of Meesha Shafi against Ali Zafar seems far from getting resolved. It has been… Read More

11 Most Influential Pakistani Personalities On Social Media In 2019!

Celebrities in the past were known for their hit projects and major contributions that would land them under the limelight.… Read More

Alpha Bravo Charlie’s Rumored Sequal ‘Ehd-e-Wafa’ Is Coming To HUM TV And The Show Looks Perfect!

Pakistan's entertainment industry is currently in its revival mode but the content being produced is definitely touching the quality quotient.… Read More

Meet Umair Khan – An Upcoming Artist Who Is Finally Giving Pakistan Its Own Cultured Superheroes!

The skillset that Pakistani young talent endures is completely different and unique as compared to the rest of the world.… Read More

Shahzeb Khanzada Thrashed A KPK Education Advisor On Live TV Over Girls Wearing Abaya In Schools!

The education system implemented in Pakistan has always been a victim of criticism because of the obsoleted syllabus still being… Read More

Major Adnan Sami Gets In Trouble For Holding A Pakistani Nationality!

Every national of a country is loyal to his nationality and sticks by it through thick and thin. But there… Read More

President Putin Quotes Quran and Appeals For Peace In Yemen

Islam is the religion of peace. The religion of Islam is a complete way of life, "Deen". The notion of… Read More

Trolls Seem Triggered After Naimal Khawar Shares Pictures Of ‘Platonic’ Times With Hamza Ali Abbasi!

Hamza Ali Abbasi and Naimal Khawar's wedding was the highlight recently. The beautiful couple tied the knot in an intimate… Read More

Medical Student Nimrita Kumari’s Brother Has Spoken Out Over Her Alleged Suicide In Hostel Room In Larkana!

There have been several cases of cold-blooded murder that have been reported under the guise of suicide. A perfect way to… Read More

Thanks To Misbah Umar Akmal And Ahmed Shehzad Might Be Back In The Game For SL Series!

The Pakistan Cricket Board isn't going by the old rules anymore. Giving Umar Akmal and Ahmed Shahzad a chance back… Read More

Muslims Protecting Hindu Brothers And Their Mandir In Ghotki From A Mob Is The Real Pakistan!

Stuck in the political and religious vicious agendas, in recent times, the human race is turning towards an extreme stance.… Read More

Viral ‘Friendship Guy’ Asif Returns To The Internet Flaunting A Bracelet Given By His New Indian Best Friend!

In this cruel world, lucky are those who can have a stable and loyal friend, standing side by side at… Read More

Global Oil Prices Soars After Attack on Saudi Arabia’s Biggest Oil Plant

Oil prices rose on Monday, with Brent crude posting its highest intra-day rate gain since the start of the Gulf… Read More

Fawad Chaudhry Announces Pakistan’s First Space Mission By 2022 With The Help Of China!

Pakistan may be short on resources but never on talent. Some of the best engineers, doctors, scientists and more have… Read More

Newlywed 17-Year-Old Girl Killed In Swat Over her Wish to Continue Education!

In today's news on how women are treated as a secondary gender in Pakistan, heartbreaking news of a 17-year-old newlywed… Read More

Saudi Man Designs ‘Ihram’ For Pilgrims That Kills Bacteria – It Will Be Made In Pakistan!

A 35-year-old Saudi entrepreneur  Hammad Al Yami thought up of a revolutionary idea. He designed a bacteria-killing Ihram made with… Read More

Wing Commander Noman Ali Khan Reveals How He Expertly Shot Down Abhinandan’s Plan Embarrassing India!

The claims and the controversy on the recent attack of India on Pakistan, led by Indian wing commander Abhinandan Varthaman… Read More

PAF Releases Proof And Footage Of Attack Inside India From February 27, And We Are Super Proud!

September is the month that reminds us of the times Pakistan Air Force, Army and Navy defeated India and defended… Read More

Quaid-e-Azam Trophy Takes A Head Start Under New Domestic Structure

Consistency is good but sometimes to make things better, changes become necessary. And Pakistan Cricket Board had realized this in… Read More

A Passenger Shows Sparks Allegedly Coming Out Of Kohat Express Train’s Toilet & This Is Dangerous!

Whenever any project is deployed, it requires maintenance. Especially when you are providing services to customers, it is one of… Read More

Laal Kabootar Selected As An Official Entry For The Oscars To Represent Pakistan

The Pakistani film industry is jam-packed with talent that is impatiently waiting to take the world by storm. Pakistanis saw… Read More