After Chand Nawab, This Pakistani Reporter Takes The Internet By Storm!

Pakistani hilarious news reporter

Pakistani news reporters shouldn’t be underestimated. The pressure of smooth and factual reporting is riding on their shoulders and that too mostly on a live broadcast. However, these reporters do not let the pressure get to them and go to any lengths to produce original content; even if it means placing their own lives in danger. But, sometimes, the patience runs thin and the external elements make it hard for them to emerge as an undisputed reporter.

The curious and famous case of Chand Nawab, for example.

The Eid-reporting on a train station in the bustling city of Karachi became an impossible task for the reporter Chand Nawab. Standing on a staircase, he was constantly interrupted by passengers, that couldn’t care less about his existence. The hilarious clip of Nawab cursing and constantly asking people to move aside caught massive traction. And, once uploaded on micro-blogging websites, it was bound to become famous.

Here’s Chand Nawab – Logon key sataye hoay!

News reporting isn’t as easy as the individuals make it out to be. Not only they are to do factual reporting, but they are also mostly to execute without breaks, cuts or without any leverage for mistakes. So their frustrations are understandable. Even if they are recording beforehand, interruptions during their take aren’t making their job any easier.

Another reporter lost his temper when a man passed during his recording disturbing his entire tempo. What’s hilarious is how he is speaking in Urdu and instantly switches to his Punjabi when angered.

Following Nawab is this next gentleman who wasn’t ready to take any nonsense.

“Oye Idher Hojao, andhay ho kya” is what he said in Punjabi to the man walking in between him and the cameraman, ruining his entire take. It’s quite hilarious and this clip went on to become a personal favorite of people from the other side of the border, as well.

One Indian brother finds it quite relatable. 

When duty calls, you perform.

Many take their jobs very serious and leave no stone unturned, where we have reporters that are frustrated by the localities ruining their takes by interrupting them; on the other hand, we have reporters that’ll go to any lengths to bring the breaking news to their viewers. Much like this person below:

Such is the strong resolve of these Pakistani reporters. Undisputed, hard-working and honest. You have to give to them all, for bringing information regardless of unfavorable weather conditions or circumstances. Also, let’s not forget the camera-men that are often forgotten; because of them, the mainstream news reporting wouldn’t be where it is now.

Digital media, specifically micro-blogging websites have encompassed everything into itself; including entertainment. Short funny videos are viral content that often leads to over-night fame. Similarly, these news reporters placed a smile on countless faces. Special mention: Anday Wala Burger

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