A Newlywed Imam Mistakenly Marries A Man Disguised As Woman!

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Among other unusually hilarious stories erupting on the internet every now and then, a recent case blew everyone’s mind. Currently, a newly wedded Imam from East Africa has become the talk of the town after identifying the unexpected. Married two weeks ago, a Ugandan Imam recently identified that the woman he married is actually a man with intentions to rob him.

Ugandan Imam mistakenly marries a man disguised as a woman!

Previously, as the world has already witnessed some of the oddest marriages, this one surely tops the list. Similarly, last year, a ‘Dulhan Course’ was being offered to have a successful marriage and the netizens were in chaos. Apparently, this week, a newlywed imam discovered that the person he married and chose to spend his life with a few weeks ago is a man disguised as a woman.

Newlywed Imam Married Man

Daily Times

However, the truth came in after the imam’s so-called wife was caught by the local police on charges of stealing. According to international media reports, Sheikh Muhammad Mutumba, an imam, married Swabullah Nabukeera two weeks back. Particularly, Mutumba is providing his services as the imam of Kyampisi Noor mosque in the Kayunga District of Central Uganda.

”Swabullah Nabukeera was first arrested under the assumption that he was a woman!”

Eventually, soon after the marriage, Swabullah Nabukeera started stealing things from the house including the television. However, after being arrested by the District police, true details were revealed regarding the thief. Reportedly, at first, the police also handcuffed the thief under the assumption that he was a woman but everything turned upside down real quick.

Newlywed Imam Married Man


The truth beans were then spilled by a criminal investigations officer Isaac Mugera shocking Muhammad Mutumba. As per the official’s statement, ”Swabullah Nabukeera was first arrested under the assumption that he was a woman, as he was wearing a hijab and sandals. However, as female police officers searched the suspect, they quickly found that it was actually a man”.

Swabullah Nabukeera becomes Richard Tumushabe!

After knowing the fact that the culprit is not a woman anymore, the police then called to inform Muhammad Mutumba. Thinking of Nabukeera as a female at first, the police called on the woman police in the department for thorough checking. Apparently, during the checking, the shocking revelation was made that the arrested person is a 27-year-old man.

Newlywed Imam Married Man

Daily Times

Particularly, it was discovered that Swabulla Nabukeera is actually 27-year-old Richard Tumushabe from Kayunga. Further, Tumushabe had plans of betraying Muhammad Mutumba after stealing valuable items and money from him. Well, in order to hide the terrible lie, Tumushabe kept on resisting to consummate since the marriage took place.

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Later, the police arrested Richard Tumushabe’s aunt as well on helping him steal from Muhammad Mutumba. Claiming that she never saw her niece, the aunt said that the changing gender role tactic wasn’t known to her. Well, both the culprits are now behind bars with charges of impersonation, theft and obtaining goods by false pretense on Richard Tumushabe. Sheikh Muhammad Mutumba is also been suspended from his services as the investigation is in progress.

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