Newlywed Couple Chooses Feeding Needy Kids Over Lavish Reception – Gets Blessings From Pakistan

newlywed couple feeding needy reception pakistan

Every once in a while, there are certain things you come across and just cannot turn a blind eye to. As a result, many praiseworthy efforts go unnoticed – just like this recent one that caught our attention. The newlywed couple chooses feeding the needy over their reception in Pakistan.

A newlywed couple’s real celebration was yet to come. And it was not a traditional one. Instead of a typical reception banquet or a dawat-e-walima, a young Pakistani couple decided to offer a meal to poor and needy children in Karachi.

Pictures of a newlywed couple serving and feeding food to the underprivileged needy over reception in Pakistan are truly inspiring. The wife can be seen cheerfully dishing out the food to the children. Because, why not spread the love and generosity!

They could have done a hundred other things, you know. And yet they chose to do this, a real act of giving and compassion on a day that is the most important day of their life. Such a wonderful idea.

Needless to say, these are the kind of trendsetters we need in today’s selfish and ruthless world. Sure, there is nothing wrong with having a wedding banquet. It is a worthy celebration. However, one must not forget that there are people out there who need help.

The selfless couple receives blessings from Pakistan

Goals, definitely!

They actually inspired many!

Simply beautiful, don’t you agree? More power to these two, both of them deserve every bit of love, adoration, and praise for what they did. We pray that this amazing couple is blessed immensely in their marriage for their kindness and compassion to the less privileged.

Wedding ceremonies these days are nothing but just a boast and a show. But people like these prove how worthless all that is! There are many such examples that often go unnoticed.

Just recently, a couple set an example for many. With a simple nikkah and then a small gathering at home with hardly 10-15 relatives who were in the city at the time, they counted the same event as rukhsati (farewell) as well. Not only did they save themselves from many other problems with a simple nikkah ceremony, but they also fed the poor people.

For walima (reception), the couple had a few daigs made. Both drove out into the streets and gave the food to any poor person they could find.

Another Pakistani couple, a few years back, canceled their dream wedding and donated all the wedding expenses to charity. The couple donated all the money they had saved up and donated to a well-reputed NGO. In fact. they also urged their guests to donate to the NGO instead of giving them gifts.

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