Mother Allegedly Kills Newborn Daughter By Putting Her In Microwave For An Ugly Reason

baby in microwave

In a gut-wrenching turn of events, a two-month-old girl child was found dead inside a microwave oven at her home in South Delhi on Monday afternoon. According to police, the child’s mother has been brought in for questioning after the family alleged that she may have killed her.

Police said they received a call around half past four about the incident. The infant, wrapped in a cloth, was recovered from the oven and rushed to a hospital by family members.

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Deputy Commissioner of Police (DCP) of South Delhi told a local media outlet that they received a call that an infant was missing. “Staff from Malviya Nagar police station rushed to the spot,” said DCP Benita Mary Jaiker.

“Neighbors then informed us that they found the girl in an old oven,” the DCP added. “The cause of death is yet to be ascertained. We are questioning the mother and other family members to ascertain the facts and sequence of events.”

“The infant’s parents, Gulshan Kaushik and Dimple Kaushik, are being interrogated at the police station and further investigation is underway,” DCP Jaiker added.

The couple also has a four-year-old son. At the time of the incident, the child’s father and other family members were at a departmental store that they run near the house.

Mother is considered the main suspect

Family members alleged that around 3 pm, the woman was heard allegedly beating up her elder child, a four-year-old boy. When they rushed upstairs to stop her, she locked herself and the boy in the room.

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“We later broke open the door and found her lying unconscious and took her to the hospital. Meanwhile, we realized that the infant girl was missing. The woman refused to speak about the child, and we got scared,” said a family member.

Speaking to the media, the baby’s grandfather alleged that she was sleeping downstairs when she heard noises. “I was told that the baby was missing,” she reportedly said. “We all searched nearby houses and lanes, checked tanks and rooms… After some time, a few boys went to the terrace and opened a room there.”

“They found the baby’s body stashed in an old oven. She was dead. We think her mother killed her as she was the only one at home. She was unhappy with the baby…”

A senior police official said the initial investigation suggests that the baby’s mother, who is the main suspect in the case, was upset over the birth of a girl child.

In a similar case recently, a man killed his newborn daughter because he wanted a son. Earlier, both the father and mother of a newborn baby were arrested for throwing her off the second floor of a building in Karachi. Miraculously, the 3 months old baby survived.

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