New Zealand Tours India Under Covid Cases Rising In India

What a game and stroke played by New Zealand. After sabotaging Pakistan’s image in front of the whole cricket nation, they are ready to visit India for the Test series in November.

Isn’t it surprising? Because of the way New Zealand portrayed the whole story of security threats in the last minute of the match and canceled the series which let them depart.

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Their statements weren’t also to the point or shared the actual details of threats. Before canceling the Pakistan tour, there was no test series scheduled with India and within few days New Zealand is ready to visit the country where COVID-19 hasn’t recovered yet.

Meanwhile, Pakistan cricket fans were digesting New Zealand abandoning series England came forward last night and they had also canceled the tour too.

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Which surely doesn’t look so surprising too, after India and England are the strong pillars of ICC.

But one question is very important, New Zealand who’s been Covid free nation since the pandemic got hit is ready to take all the risk to visit a country where Covid-19 is rising and still no precautions have been done by the government.

New Zealand Tour India-No Covid-19 Threat?

Australia and New Zealand are the two most pre-cautious countries when it comes to Covid-19. New Zealand canceled the whole series because of the security threat which was just a tip not confirmed the news.

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But they are fully ready to risk their players, staff, and whole nation by sending them to the Covid country. Now they don’t see any threats, neither government has any problem with that at all.

Looking at this whole scenario, Sheikh Rasheed was given the right hint behind New Zealand and Pakistan series cancellation.

After creating a whole drama and made Pakistan lose millions of dollars. White has said that they will reschedule the series. Meaning to cover the mess they have made.

Let’s Have A Look At India’s Covid-19 Stats

As per the latest update in 24 hours India reports 26,115 new cases and with this, the country’s overall coronavirus cases jumped to 33,504,534, according to the data updated by the ministry of health and family welfare.

Source: NDTV

Not only the cases, but the death toll has also risen 4,45,385 with 252 new fatalities in the last 24 hours. According to the Union Health Ministry Data, “there are currently 3,09,575 active cases across the country, constituting 0.92 percent of the country’s total positive cases. This is the lowest since March 2020.”

Source: NDTV

So, is this not a threat? Believe it or not, it’s the biggest threat than the terrorist because it can destroy the lives of innocent people who will not be there too.

But no, avoiding all Covid-19 stats of India New Zealand is full-on ready to lift the trophy under the Covid-19 cases.

Source: Business Standard

In England where the covid pre-cautions were high when India visited a few months back. Even after staying in the bubble, Indian staff caught the corona.

This whole drama was created just to defame and destroy Pakistan Cricket which was rising rapidly.

Because one after another both series canceled and New Zealand was ready for the test series in India risking their lives in corona.

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