New Year Myths You Probably Didn’t Know About!

Our superstitions know no bounds. Here’s a list of 7 interesting myths governing the new year celebrations that you probably didn’t know about;

1. Babies born on the 1st of January are extremely lucky.

Not only are they themselves fortunate, but they also bring good luck to the family they’re born in. (26)


2. You must open all your doors and windows at midnight to help the last year get out for good and welcome the new year in.



3. Make loud noise!

Party hard and make lots of noise, for it is believed that loud noise helps ward off evil spirits so you can begin your year on an auspicious note.


Explains the fireworks. And the gunshots in Pakistan.



4. In Buddhist temples, they strike their gongs 108 times in order to eliminate 108 human weaknesses for the coming year.

buddhist gongs


 5. Do not weep or be depressed on the new Year’s Eve!

That way, you’ll pave way for depression and misery for the entire year.

no depression


6. No to chicken, yes to vegetables!

A chicken dish on New Year’s will bring you financial troubles for the coming year. Leafy vegetables, on the other hand, will bring financial stability and wealth.


From Beat Your Greens to Eat Your Greens.


7. No sweeping and no laundry.

Sweeping or doing the laundry on the new year’s eve can sweep, or wash away your luck respectively, for the year. So sit back and relax, because no chores allowed.

dirty room



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