A New Video From Imran Khan and Bushra Bibi’s Visit to Mazaar Has Sparked a Debate on Social Media!

These past few weeks have been very critical for Imran Khan. Beginning from the rumored book by Reham Khan where she claims to share explicit details from her time with Imran Khan to the political dealings in PTI, the ex-wife claims to share a lot that can tamper Khan’s image in front of his supporters.

This, followed by Imran Khan’s remarks in his interviews, his visit to Saudi Arabia for Umrah and other issues were tossed on social media by opposition supporters off and on. Khan, on the other hand, focuses only on winning the elections and has spoken on numerous occasions about this as well.

Recently, However, Imran Khan and Bushra Bibi’s Visit to Baba Fareed Mazaar Raised A Lot of Eyebrows

A lot of people speculated whether Imran Khan bowed the entrance of the mazaar or just kissed it.

While this itself drew a lot of controversies, a new video from Imran Khan’s visit surfaced and people are not sure what really is happening here!

In this new video, Imran Khan and his wife filled the entire Mazaar with petals of roses first and then sat in the corner together to make a prayer. The video from inside the room shows how Bushra Bibi was seen spreading petals in the entire room and creating a path for Imran Khan to walk on.

Here’s the Video Which Shows What Happened:

Maryam Nawaz Took the Opportunity to Tweet On this As Well

The Video of Bushra Bibi’s Ex-Husband Crossing a Mazaar Was Shared As A Reference to How Deluded the Wife Could Have Been

And People Keep Sharing How Imran Khan is Not their Stable Choice Anymore

Singer Jawad Ahmed Called Imran Khan a Hypocrite

Others Are Sharing How Pakistanis Should Be Focusing On Bigger Concerns and the History of those Politicians Who Have Ruined the Country

Given how our attention diverts to something like this rather than ignoring how the current and the previous systems have allowed rapists, murderers and looters to roam freely, maybe Pakistanis need to first sort their priorities and then choose someone to represent their interests.

Imran Khan has yet to comment again on all the things are being said against him.

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