Scientists Warn New ‘Flu Virus’ From Pigs In China Can Cause Another Pandemic Soon

The world is not ready for another pandemic with the COVID-19 coronavirus already toughening its grip every day. Now, a new strain of flu has been discovered in China and could start another pandemic soon, say, scientists.

The recently emerged virus is being carried out by pigs, an animal forbidden in the Muslim religion. The catch, however, is that the virus can be caught by humans, just as COVID-19.

new pig virus h1n1

Source: xinhua

Researches are now afraid that the virus will soon mutate and become more dangerous than it is now. Once it reaches its glory, it will be caught from person to person, just as coronavirus, becoming a global pandemic.

‘Pig virus’ – more dangerous than COVID-19

Even though the virus might not be a ‘very immediate’ problem, but it has all the ingredients to swiftly create trouble, if not monitored. This new virus is highly adaptable to humans, similar to COVID-19. Thus, it will be very important for China and the rest of the world to monitor this virus and find a way to end it before things become scary.

This new strain is deadly because since it has no past history, humans will have zero to no immunity against it, which in turn, will take millions of lives. Scientists have penned down the ordeal in the journal ‘Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences’ that measures to control the virus in pigs and monitors the swine industry for such viruses.

The virus may cause a pandemic threat

Researches have found this new strain of flu virus so deadly, that it is one of the top death threats to be looked after. The strain pertains to influenza. The world is already battling the most dangerous virus in human history, and if a deadly new virus enters the scene, things will definitely go haywire.

Pigs, due to their hygiene, are known to spread different diseases. The 2009 Swine Flu is a perfect example of the former. Even though Swine Flu started in Mexico, it soon reached concerned countries. The only good thing about that viral diseases was that older people had some sort of immunity to it.

new virus pigs pandemic

Source: businessinsider

However, researches seem pretty confident that once this new strain mutates, it will be even more dangerous than the coronavirus. The new virus which is being called G4EAH1N1 may grow and multiply in cells, which might even be airborne, making it more serious.

In Islam, pigs are prohibited for many different reasons. Science too now agrees with Islam’s resonation of declaring pigs as haram.

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