Daraz Just Introduced Their New ‘Instant Messaging’ Feature Taking Online Shopping To The Next Level!

Online shopping and e-commerce in Pakistan, over the years, has become extremely famous with the public, and one company has played a huge part in this change, more than any other. Yes, we’re talking about Daraz!

From the hassling times of going to purchase everything you needed to the ease and comfort of ordering your favorite products to your doorstep, Daraz, today, has become a household name.

After the immense success and a trial-error method in the e-commerce space of Pakistan, Daraz’s new feature bridges that final gap between customers and vendors (buyers and sellers). Behold, the new ‘instant messaging’ feature on Daraz!

Yes, now, before you purchase your favorite items on Daraz, you can contact the seller directly, talk one-on-one to know the minutest of details about what you’re getting.

The real-time experience will help customers in more than one way. Prior to this new feature, customers had to rely on the seller’s provided details, and then if contact levied, got information about the product their getting. Now, before you’ve booked your orders, you can take as much information as you need.


The necessity of bridging the gap between online buyers and sellers – allows greater transparency in e-commerce and allows the customer to make better purchasing decisions. Indeed, when a company cares so much for their customers, such innovations for the ease of the buyers are bound to happen. 

This new feature, however, doesn’t only help the buyers, but the sellers as well. It allows sellers to know exactly what their customers are looking for and how their product value can increase with potential customers. It’s a win-win situation for both parties, and a step in the right direction. This step will help better the relationship between customers and vendors.

How does the new ‘instant messaging’ feature work?


It’s very simple. Once you’ve selected the product you’re interested in, just instant message the seller and a conversation will start in real-time. When you’re done absorbing all the details, book your order and keep in touch with the seller until you have the product in your hands.

You can ask the seller many different questions, like: “What is my product’s warranty date and details?” or even something as firm such as “How does your product differentiate from others in the market?”

All in all, it’s safe to say that Daraz is constantly working on making things easier for their valued customers, and this new instant messaging feature is evidence of that. With that, it must be said, the online shopping game in Pakistan just went to the next level!

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