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New “Fast 8” Poster Finally Revealed

 Back in August, Vin Diesel publicised that a continuation of the “Fast and Furious” series will be coming out in April of next year and it will be called “Fast 8”



This week Diesel has revealed the much awaited poster for the move and the words on top state,




This might be a little hard for Fast and Furious fans to swallow because after enjoying seven movies with the amazingly talented “Paul Walker” forgetting about him and moving on with the series is going to be a tough ordeal.


A photo of actor Paul Walker is seen December 1, 2013 among flowers and candles left by fans at the site of the car accident in which the "Fast and Furious" actor and another man died the previous day, in Santa Clarita, California.   Santa Clarita police warned fans Monday against "burning rubber" near the spot where the car Walker was a passenger in crashed, as they continued to probe the accident.  Police issued the caution after reports of people pulling stunt maneuvers on the stretch of road in town northwest of Los Angeles, where Walker died on Saturday.  AFP PHOTO / Robyn Beck        (Photo credit should read ROBYN BECK/AFP/Getty Images)



Some Fast fans believe that the series will never be the same without Paul Walker and may even decide to boycott the new movie completely. They may even construe it as insensitive to continue the series as “Fast 7” would have been an amazing send off for the series and for Paul Walker.

Are we really ready for, “New Roads Ahead”



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