Imad Wasim’s Alleged “Voice Notes” Might Prove His Affair with the Afghan Girl

Imad Wasim’s Alleged “Voice Notes” Might Prove His Affair with the Afghan Girl

Truth after truth, the social media continues exposing the new revelations day after day. Just a few days ago, we witnessed the drama of Pakistani cricketer Imad Wasim who was involved in a relationship. While the private lives of public figures shouldn’t concern anyone, the way the cricketer handled it was rather bizarre than professional.

Imad Wasim Denied Having an Affair with an Afghani-Dutch Girl

According to the woman who reported the matter, Imad promised he would marry her, but then started ignoring her calls and texts.

Hes called out to the woman and stated that all of the pictures are fake and that the media should stop highlighting the lies.

IMAD WASIM Clarification About Recent Issue Of FAKE EDITED PICTURES ?. @imadwasim9

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Seeing how the Involved Female was said to be Faking all of this, She Came out and Revealed her Identity

She Even Shared a Video of their Messages and a Played a Voice Note which Revealed Him Singing a Song to her

I am in love with the shape of you. But you won’t let me do sex.” – sang Imad.

If you think that was creepy, wait till you listen to these other voice notes which claim to be Imad’s while they are circulated on the social media.

These are the New Voice Notes!

The voice seems identical to Imad Wasim’s voice in the earlier voice notes shared. People also raised the language written in the WhatsApp messages, but numerous shared how the involved female is a Dutch, hence the different language.


Definitely Ed Sheeran

Someone Even Sang Shape of You During Imad Wasim’s Recent Match

Hope this is all enough for Imad Wasim to finally admit he was in a relationship, rather than denying it completely. All of the evidence just continues coming out, but he hasn’t made any statement of truth and continues calling it all lies.


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