Netizens Want Hareem Shah to Avoid Naseem Shah

Netizens Want Hareem Shah to Avoid Naseem Shah

Controversial TikToker Hareem Shah has made an odd request following cricketer Naseem Shah’s amazing effort in Pakistan’s nail-biting second ODI triumph against Afghanistan.

What Happened Between Hareem Shah And Naseem Shah?

Hareem Shah came to Twitter shortly after the match’s end to express her joy and seek for Naseem Shah’s contact information, claiming the need for his “help” in some unnamed “work.”

The message went viral as netizens are determined to “protect” the promising 20-year-old cricketer from Hareem Shah at all costs, ensuring he stays focused for the forthcoming Asia Cup and ICC World Cup in India.

Another adult woman seemed to be fawning over Naseem Shah. Hareem Shah, the controversial influencer, has moved on from politicians and has her heart set on the fiery young cricketer after his exploits in yesterday’s dramatic encounter against Afghanistan.

Hareem Shah tweeted,

The tweet became extremely popular very fast, which prompted a flood of funny reactions from internet users who appear to be genuinely worried for Naseem Shah’s well-being.

It is clear that users of Twitter are united in their want to “protect” the young cricketer from any potential distractions, especially considering that big events like the Asia Cup and the ICC World Cup are on the horizon. Amidst the sea of humorous memes and clever remarks, it is clear that users of Twitter are united in their desire to “protect” the young cricketer from any potential distractions.

After seeing the tweet, a person who is claimed to be Naseem’s cousin commented that he would never give his phone number to someone like Hareem.

This hilarious happening has brought to light Naseem Shah’s natural appeal as well as the attention that he appears to receive from a wide variety of sources. It is not the first time that he has managed to attract the interest of well-known female celebrities.

In the previous season, the youthful pacer was being pursued by Bollywood star Urvashi Rautela. It seems like Hareem Shah is going to have to get in line.

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