Netizens React To The Release Of Pasoori Remake

After days of waiting, the Pasoori remake is out and it’s the worst remake ever made in Bollywood. Karthik and Sajid Nadiawala surely managed to ruin the masterpiece.

A few hours ago, the song was released on YouTube and received a big backlash from both Pakistan and India.

Kartik Aryan and Kiara Advani’s Pasoori remake for their upcoming rom-com Satyaprem ki Katha gets mixed reactions from fans following teaser release
Source: Geo TV

No one even thought Arijit Singh would ever agree to do this song, even Arijit doesn’t sound like himself it felt like he’s trying to be Ali Sethi.

The internet was already in rage mode when they knew the Pasoori recreate for Satyaprem Ki Katha and it’s is in process and it was coming out in a few days.

Satyaprem Ki Katha's Pasoori Teaser Out! Arijit Singh To Take The Mic From  Ali Sethi Remaking The Viral Pakistani Song
Source: Koimoi

Now the Netizens expressed their disappointment over the Pasoori remake release and claimed Arijit ruined the song.

Netizens React To Pasoori Remake Song

Coke Studio season 14’s globally hit song Pasoori was released on Monday, June 26, a day after the makers unveiled the teaser of the song.

Pasoori beats BTS' Butter, is most Googled song in the world in 2022 -  Hindustan Times
Source; Hindustan Times

The original song was sung by Ali Sethi and Shae Gill. Ali Sethi shares his experience of making pasoori and revealed that Pasoori took almost a year to become a masterpiece.

But Bollywood didn’t take a minute to ruin it just like that. Netizens’ angry reaction says everything.

Karthik Aaryan shared the song titled Pasoori Nu. “Relive the global hit! Sattu – Katha’s pure love gets the magical touch of Arijit Singh’s voice. Pasoori Nu out tomorrow at 11:11 AM,” he wrote.

Even the teaser got trolled and people knew what’s coming next.

“Pasoori remake doesn’t make sense. Aren’t there other singers except Arijit Singh? I’m tired of hearing him. Also, those lyrics of Pasoori ain’t romantic. What the hell is wrong with the team?” read a tweet under the post.

No doubt, the remake didn’t set the bar compared to the original one. A Twitter user said, “T-Series finished destroying all Indian songs. Now they are destroying Pakistani songs too (sic)”.  

Relive The Original One

Another commented,” Just dropping it here so all of us can revisit the original gem #Pasoori, sung by brilliant #AliSethi and #ShaeGill. Because the makers of #SatyaPremKiKatha have just dropped the teaser of the remix #PasooriNu and ruined it.

Kya zaroorat thi, bas itna bata do (what was the need just tell me).”

Other users somehow target T-series for ruining songs, “T-Series finished destroying all Indian songs. Now they are destroying Pakistani songs too.”

It’s not over yet, there are people who have criticized Arijit Singh for singing this song and tried to be Ali Sethi with his voice.

People defended him, Comments like “Well done Arijit for making that terrible song better (sic)” and “Arijit Singh always does God-level stuff (sic)” have also been pouring in.

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