Netizens Blast Nauman For Publicly Shaming Ayesha Over Speaking Up About Harassment

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Many have stepped forward in support of Ayesha Omar following Nauman Ijaz’s attack on her during his show with presumptuous and uncomfortable questions, sharing her for speaking out about harassment.

There is no specific time limit for speaking about sexual harassment. In fact, many people are reluctant to share their experiences with sexual, harassment, either due to trauma, lack of support, or simply due to feeling uncomfortable.

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The outrageousness of Ijaz’s comments towards Omar is mainly over the fact that Omar had spoken about being sexually harassed two years ago. However, the former believes that it was best to keep such experiences to yourself.

Fashion industry big fishes Frieha Altaf and Maheen Khan along with social media users have called Ijaz out online and said that he is using Omar just to “gain attention”.

Altaf had commented under an Instagram post about Ijaz’s behavior with Omar during the show. She wrote that most people in Pakistan believe a woman, a man or a transgender person should shut up about sexual harassment, rape, and domestic abuse.

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“This is most of our society. Chup raho kuch na bolo. Abh kya zaroorat hai, ho gaya, bhool jao [stay quiet, don’t say anything. What’s the need for it now, it happened, forget about it].” Altaf also said that the narrative has to change and that a victim or survivor can speak “whenever they are ready”. “Noman is from the school of society that believes in ‘shut up, don’t speak’,” she said, praising Omar for her strength.

Designer Khan retweeted Altaf’s comment, calling Ijaz a “disgrace to his family”. She also said that using Omar to “gain attention” is pathetic.

Twittersphere calls out Nauman Ijaz

Twitteratis had a lot to say about Ijaz as well and wrote that the actor “gaslighting” Omar in the show was triggering to watch. One user wrote that the actor leaves no opportunity in shaming women who have the courage to come out with their tough stories and that there is “zero accountability” for celebrities like him.

Another user said Ijaz’s previous statement about marital affairs was apparently okay but Omar speaking her truth is questionable for the actor.

One user called him out for being “tone deaf” for saying that Omar should have let bygones be bygones.

Another just expressed her disappointment as a fan of Ijaz.

Time and time again Omar has made it clear how difficult it is for any victim of sexual harassment to revisit their trauma and talk about it, especially with everything that’s at stake.

Hosts, especially those in the entertainment industry, should be required to undergo sensitivity training before they are allowed to handle subjects that can be hurtful or triggering to their guests and viewers.

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