Netflix’s ‘Sexify’ Trends At No. 1 In Pakistan During Ramadan – Stop Blaming ‘Shaitan’ Musalmanon!

Netflix's 'Sexify' Pakistan

Netflix’s new adult comedy series Sexify is now on Pakistan’s most-watched list. Well, it not surprising that a show with the word ‘sex’ in it did end up achieving this milestone. While discussions on sex and sexual wellness remain taboo in the country, questions of hypocrisy on the part of the majority of viewers naturally cropped up.

Despite the fact that sex education is strictly forbidden in school curricula, alarming statistics of porn-related internet surfing prove that suppressing the discussion about sex leads to people seeking out such information from inauthentic sources, thus harming others more than good. This promotes unrealistic expectations in people – which, when left unfulfilled, can lead to aggression and other issues.

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Pakistanis’ fixation with consuming sexually explicit content can be concluded by the fact that all newly released movies or shows on Netflix featured with the slightest hint of sex tend to dominate the viewership charts in the country.

An example of such a show is Sexify. While this series shows sex, unlike most of its similar genre counterparts, it does not depict sex from a male perspective. In its storyline, it centers on the uncanny stigmatized, mysterious, and frequently overlooked issue of female pleasure.

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Nonetheless, the fact that this show has been ranking on number 1 during the holy month of Ramadan Mubarak speaks volumes. If ‘deen and dunya sath sath‘ [religion and world hand in hand] had a face, this is exactly what it would have looked like.

Meanwhile, Ertugrul has also been trending on Pakistan’s Netflix for months. As the country is obsessed with the Turkish show, Sexify being on number 1 is quite baffling yet not surprising.

No respect for the holy month?

Watching a movie or TV shows does not break your fast. However, Ramadan in 2022 is the time to not only abstain from eating and drinking but also be observant of what we see, hear and say. It is also fasting of the eye, ear, and tongue.

The coming-of-age comedy-drama revolves around three undergraduate students on a hunt to optimize female orgasms. It is the intersection of sex, morality, and technology that raises pertinent points about how women’s pleasure still takes a backseat in the 21st century. Needless to say, the show comprises nudity and erotic scenes. Is that allowed to watch while fasting? Of course, not!

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Nonetheless, from shooting the prices of edibles to gossiping and whatnot, Pakistanis will do every bit that they have been asked to refrain from. After all, Pakistanis will remain Pakistanis. For them, it does not take much more than a half-naked woman on a poster for Pakistanis to start watching something. These are the so-called Pakistani Muslims in Ramadan who pretend to be holier than thou the rest of the year.

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