Netflix Will Open Stores in 2025 Named ‘Netflix House’ Where Fans Can Play, Shop And Eat

Netflix Will Open Stores in 2025

Netflix is set to launch ‘Netflix House’ in 2025, blending entertainment with physical retail and dining, offering fans a new way to experience their favorite shows.

A report from earlier this month suggested that Netflix was planning to raise its subscription prices once the Hollywood actor’s strike ends, starting with the US and Canada.

A New Chapter to Netflix

According to the reports, a part of its efforts to diversify beyond its streaming business, Netflix is planning to construct brick-and-mortar retail outlets dubbed Netflix House in the U.S. According to Bloomberg, these entertaining areas would let fans purchase memorabilia, consume themed food, and take part in activities based on their favorite films and television shows, like a Squid Game-Style obstacle course.

Similar to how studios create theme parks and other experiences based on their intellectual property, the streaming platform intends to launch its first two US locations in 2025 before extending to other countries.

In Los Angeles, it opened Netflix Bites earlier this year, a pop-up restaurant serving food inspired by its original programming. It wouldn’t be unreasonable to presume that even though the restaurant has now closed, it acted as a trial run for future plans by the business.

The report also mentions Netflix’s view of this venture as a way to market its intellectual property rather than a way to generate income.

There is not a lot of information available about the stores yet, but the project is Netflix’s first multi-IP permanent experience fixture.

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