5 Amazing Shows On Netflix To Binge-Watch This Eid Under Quarantine

Shows Netflix Binge-Watch

Disrupted daily lives, rising health issues, crashing economy, the deadly coronavirus has targeted every important aspect. From morning to night, humans are just stuck in their homes with nothing much to do except Netflix and chill.

Speaking of Pakistan, currently, the Turkish drama series ”Ressurection: Ertugrul” has become the audience favorite. Earlier, the masses couldn’t get enough of the ”Money Heist 4” and the choices just keep on changing with time. Analyzing the situation these days and to keep you entertained throughout this Eid season, here’s a list of the latest shows running on Netflix.

Prepare your Eid days to binge-watch these five amazing shows on Netflix:

1. Ozark

As it is said that actions have consequences, this show turns that phrase into reality. Marty Byrde played by the Hollywood actor Jason Bateman is doing the role of a financial planner but things eventually get off the road. To protect his family from the Mexican drug lord, Byrde takes his wife and two kids to Ozark from Chicago. That’s when the story begins getting dark and depressed but the plotline and the execution are off the charts. Definitely, something one can’t afford to miss.

Shows Netflix Binge-Watch

Source: HuffPost

2. Suits

Professional attire and a Harvard law degree are what one needs to get in the field with Harvey Specter (Gabriel Macht). However, an extraordinary mind with exceptional skills Michael Ross (Patrick J. Adams) makes his way up without the degree. How does it happen? Well, for that, you’ll have to watch the show and enjoy the competition. Its last season (9) dropped last year in September.

Shows Netflix Binge-Watch

Source: British GQ

3. Schitt’s Creek

Once a filthy rich, flourishing family of four suddenly lands in a small motel in a faraway, calm land. After going bankrupt, the Roses decide to stay in a motel in Schitt’s Creek which they previously bought as a joke. Certainly, the story then revolves around how they hilariously adjust in the changed atmosphere and work for its betterment.

Shows Netflix Binge-Watch

Source: Vox

4. Bojack Horseman

Another ongoing famous comedy show with a brilliant rating online, Bojack Horseman played by Will Arnett is the one to watch. Particularly, its an adult cartoon series revolving around the startling 90’s life of the star horse. After decades, he again starts trying to be under the spotlight but it isn’t as easy as it seemed to be. The humorous punchlines and deep meaning dialogues are the shine of this lively show.

Shows Netflix Binge-Watch

Source: The Daily Targum

5. Ressurection: Ertugrul/Diliris Ertugrul

As of now, the whole of Pakistan know about the Turkish Diliris Ertugrul and are watching it with keen interest. Preserving Islamic history and extending people’s knowledge about religion, is the sole purpose of this drama. 

Shows Netflix Binge-Watch

Source: ProPakistani

How many of these shows have you watched till now? Tell us in the comments section below!

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