Whether You Are For Or Against Valentine's Day, This Story Will Make You A Believer!

Whether You Are For Or Against Valentine’s Day, This Story Will Make You A Believer!

Valentine’s Day rolls around year after year, and with it comes the annual debate: how haram is Valentine’s Day? Everyone from friends to significant others argue weeks in advance, should we celebrate? Should we not celebrate? The war between those who are trying to dodge getting their significant others gifts with the usual excuse of “not believing in the holiday” and those who go over the top with extravagant gestures.

But what the day really seems to be completely lost in translation- a day to celebrate love. Love that is not bound by labels, tags and social structures. The new NESTLÉ FRUITA VITALS commercial sheds light on this very topic while also tugging at your heartstrings with its emotional message.

But this commercial does a good job of creating a new narrative, showing all those who watch it think about love differently. The message will definitely open your eyes and make you reconsider your views on love and Valentine’s Day.

Check out the commercial below!

Keeping in mind the culture of Pakistan, we must come to terms with the fact that for a large number of viewers the concept of ‘love’ is foreign. The definition of love is very narrow and single-minded in this country. This TVC helps broaden that definition and welcomes a new perspective of the concept of love and this day.

NESTLÉ FRUITA VITALS is truly a pioneer in creating a positive outlook on love and life as a whole. Spinning this holiday into a celebration of spreading positivity and love to everyone you know, giving everyone the power to celebrate love freely!

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