Neighbor Brutally Killed A Doctor In Mardan Over A Small Water Dispute

Neighbor Killed A Doctor In Mardan Over A Small Water Dispute

Dr. Asfandiyar, 27, a husband and a father, with a promising future ahead of him was brutally snatched of all by his neighbor. They gunned down the doctor over a petty water dispute in Katlang area of Mardan.

The doctor’s father Taj Nabi Khattak also became a victim of the neighbor’s brutality. He suffered severe injuries in the incident.

Meanwhile, Khattak has identified the culprits who are sons of influential persons. According to the statement, they opened fire on the father and son close to iftar time on Monday, April 27.

The dispute over mosque water

According to the residents, the dispute was over the mosque built by the doctor and his father. Allegedly water from the mosque was flowing in the fields of the accused. It resulted in a heated argument. The accused then open fired on the doctor and his father. Asfandiyar died on the spot. His father was later rushed to the hospital in a critical condition.

Dr. Asfandiyar was married to a doctor from Lasbeela. They have a year old son also. Asfandiyar belonged to an educated family as his father is a grade-19 officer. He has also served as principal in other government schools in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.

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#Justice4DrAsfandiyar trending on twitter

Nither politicians, political party nor the police are showing concern for the incident. Any politician has also not even acknowledged the mishap on social media or any other platform.

Upon seeing this reaction, the deceased relatives said they would not bury him until the culprits are caught. However, the local authorities persuaded the family to carry one with the funeral. They promised them to find the culprits and arrest them soon.

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Image: Twitter

Authorities are showing less interest. On the other hand, people have taken it to social media to let their voices be heard.

Since this unfortunate incident #Justice4DrAsfandiyar is trending on Twitter. People are demanding justice for the Late Dr, his father, and his young family.

Today in the world where doctors are being labeled as heroes for risking their lives battling coronavirus. It is unfortunate that a neighbor shoots dead his neighbor doctor over a small dispute. The police is now searching for the culprits and conducting raids to find them.


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