WATCH: Model Neha Rajpoot & Shahbaz Taseer Spotted Together Amid Cheating Allegations

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The young and stunning model Neha Rajpoot was lately spotted with the renowned businessman Shahbaz Taseer. We wonder what’s cooking between the two since the model was previously accused of being the reason behind Taseer’s divorce.

Two years back, Maheen Ghani previously known as Maheen Taseer who is a famous fashion designer of the Pakistani fashion industry, and a psychologist broke the news of her divorce from Taseer on Twitter. She claimed that she had been cheated by his husband with the model Rajpoot.

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More so, just recently, on a question and answer session on Instagram Ghani was asked about her husband cheating on her with the famous young model. The designer gracefully said it all but Rajpoot gave her a befitting response.

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“I do hope that this trend of certain models with married men and vice versa changes. I am divorced now fortunately and wish them peace and healing,” the designer threw shade at Rajpoot.

Taseer is also the son of former governor Punjab. The unforeseen divorce of the couple raised quite a fury among the public.

Subsequent to the divorce news, rumor had it that the reason behind the big decision came in after Taseer was caught cheating on his wife Ghani. However, this rumor was never confirmed. Later, it turned out that the husband cheated on Ghani with the stunning model turned actress Neha Rajpoot.

Well, as of late, Rajpoot was spotted with Taseer at a wedding, and we wonder what’s cooking.

Check it out!

Is it just us or do you also sense the awkwardness and hesitation between the two?

Nonetheless, it must be noted that Rajpoot did not remain silent on Ghani’s accusation. Firing back at her, she wrote on Instagram, “LOL, it is easy to point fingers at people who stay quiet well there is always 2 sides to a story. Just because someone is quiet does not mean they are wrong.”

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“I am amazed at how whenever something comes up it is so easy for people to point at models. Calling them homewreckers and totally disregard housewives who when their husbands are away for long, they cheat left to right and center,” she added. “And then blame the man for moving on I rest my case here I wish her peace and love xx.”

Well, one can never be sure of what is happening behind closed doors. We hope them all the best wishes for their futures!

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