A Young Engineer Of NED University Drowned At Hawks-Bay Beach And His Instagram Post Has Shocked Everyone!

All year round, our awaam shows a great deal of patience in order to welcome the much-awaited and much-loved season, Summer. As soon as the month of May begins, everyone gets in line to experience the joy of going to the beach with their family and friends, playing catchy music in the back, feeling good vibes and truly having a good time.

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However, as fascinating and majestic as the sea sounds, there seems to be a very dark side to it. During the very summer Pakistanis plan their lively beach trips, the sea-level happens to rise to quite a deadly level which can even result in the loss of a life at times.

Although the police try their best to keep us from going too near the water and putting our lives as well as those of our loved ones at risk by imposing Article 140A, we still fail to cease and, nonetheless, continue to walk towards danger, not realizing the immensely heavy cost that we might have to bear.

With the sky as the limit and a bright future ahead, this young electrical engineer at NED decided, unlike most Pakistanis that only visit the beach in the summers, to surround himself with those intoxicating beach vibes as much as he can and make not only this summer but the whole year one he’ll definitely remember.

“I’ll probably propose, wed, live and even die at beach”

Check out his post!

Believe it or not but he spent 300 of the days in the year out of 365 at Hawkes Bay! Sadly, though, it seems that the very sea he had an inexplicable craze for decided to be the one that mercilessly consumed him.

This serves as a reminder for everyone out there, thinking “stupid” restrictions such as Article 140A are merely just the police going cuckoo over something that’ll probably never happen.

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