Nazo Shinwari Demands Justice After Her Step Brothers Killed Her Parents & Higher Authorities Are Sleeping!

These days the most concerned situation in Pakistan is the failure of law enforcing agencies in protecting civil rights. The rotten justice system of the country displays a vivid picture of a miserable authorization that is neglecting basic human rights. Often, cases related to family disputes resulting in brutal consequences come upfront and the victims face unjust conditions from legal authorities.

The failed judiciary system of Pakistan!

Day by day, the piling up of brutal stories catches dust and the culprits are free to roam. Among other faces which unfortunately become the target for cruelty, another heart-wrenching story added up. Currently, a girl named Nazo Shinwari is running and hiding because her uncle and stepbrothers are trying to kill her now after murdering her parents over a property dispute.

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Nazo Shinwari is demanding justice from the higher authorities after the law enforcing agencies failed to provide it!

Appeal for Help. As per #NazoShinwari is hiding in her own country while killers of her parents roam free on bail. According to her Step Brothers and uncles killed both her parents over property. Please share this so it forces authorities to do their job and help protect Nazo.

Gepostet von Arif Chaudhry am Sonntag, 1. September 2019

According to Nazo Shinwari, her father Mubeen Khan and mother Sumera Safdar were lynched to death by her uncle and stepbrothers for a piece of land. Though the property doesn’t concern them in any way as it was bought in the name of her mother but the culprits are trying to forcefully get hold onto it. After the murder of Nazo’s father in Rawalpindi, her mother gathered courage, faced the vicious relatives and filed a First Infomation Report (FIR) against the culprits.

Nazo’s mother lodged an FIR but the police refused to name any culprit!

The police lodged the FIR without naming the culprits. After a few days, the uncle and stepbrothers tricked Nazo’s mother and called her in a fake case hearing where they murdered her too. As Nazo’s mother was returning from the court, the culprits opened fire on their car, killing both the mother and the driver. According to sources, the murder was pulled off by the stepbrothers named Asad Khan, Farhan Khan, Amjad Khan, and Imran Khan.

Since then, Nazo Shinwari has knocked every door in search of justice but no one tried to help her. Including the Pakistan Citizen Portal application, Nazo has tried every possible way to get her relatives punished and to get police protection for her and the property. After getting no response from the law enforcing agencies, the victim is now urging the higher authorities including the Prime Minister Imran Khan to help her out in getting justice.

 Among the tiring efforts, Nazo Shinwari has also written an application to Shireen Mazari who is serving as the Minister of Human Rights. The media also shared her story and now even famous Pakistani personalities are also showing their support for her.

Here’s the application that was written to Shireen Mazari!

Actor Armeena Khan also showed support for Nazo Shinwari!

Oppressing the weak has become more like a trend in Pakistan!

Pakistani star Ali Zafar also mentioned Shireen Mazari retweeting Nazo’s tweet!

There’s no law for the powerful in Pakistan!

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The culprits are still on a pre-arrest bail and are roaming freely while Nazo Shinwari is hiding here and there. When will justice prevail and when will the criminals be punished? The higher authorities should look into the matter and help Nazo in every way possible to keep her safe from the barbaric uncle and stepbrothers.

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