Nawaz Sharif’s Health Goes Down Again With Low Platelet Count!

Nawaz Sharif health goes down

What seems to be the toughest time for PML-N, keeps on getting tougher. The former Prime Minister of Pakistan, Mian Nawaz Sharif’s health remains unstable.

The PML-N Chieftain’s constant struggle to hold onto his platelet count is evident. The atmosphere he has been kept inside Kot Lakpat Jail has become the topic of debate.

Nawaz Sharif sick

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Previously, it was being said that Nawaz Sharif’s health was getting better and he was on road to recovery. However, since yesterday, Nawaz’s platelet count has started to with away.

Doctors suggest that Nawaz Sharif’s lung has been badly affected and his old age isn’t helping the cause. Nawaz Sharif’s health, instead of getting better, keeps worsening. The platelet count has fallen by 20,000 – now at 25,000 from 45,000.

Who will be responsible?

As per sources, Nawaz Sharif cannot leave the hospital anytime soon, as his condition keeps deteriorating. Only recently, the Lahore High Court granted Nawaz Sharif a 4-day bail on medical grounds.

Moreover, there is a bigger issue at stake, that involves Nawaz Sharif’s health. God forbid if anything happens to the three-time Prime Minister under arrest, who will be blamed?

The Supreme Court Justice Athar Minallah the other day, made sure the judiciary’s stance is clear. He stated the court will not be responsible in case anything happened to Sharif.

On the other hand, the Punjab and Federal Government are too shying out of accepting responsibility if anything did go wrong. Just as the honorable court asked, in such a case, who would be responsible?

Will not leave Pakistan: Nawaz Sharif

At the other end of this tug of war, Nawaz Sharif has decided not to leave Pakistan no matter what happens. His daughter Maryam Nawaz Sharif is also being kept at the Kot Lakpat Jail, not being allowed to meet her father.

A possible remedy for this mammoth issue is that the government can, under their supervision, take Nawaz Sharif to London and get him operated.

This, however, does not suit Nawaz Sharif and his agenda. In a bid to prove his innocence, he has decided to stick to whatever his fate is in Pakistan. Nawaz Sharif’s health worsening and a huge majority of PML-N leaders being jailed is giving the party a certain edge.

In addition, the government stands unfazed, as to whatever happens to Nawaz Sharif or Asif Ali Zardari. There is a lot of talk revolving around N.R.O (National Reconciliation Ordinance) in Pakistan, but nobody seems to be taking it as of now.

Last but not least, the Azaadi March has begun and is scheduled to reach Islamabad on 31st October. The news channels soon will be flooded with parade footage and debates. Will the government be able to survive this ‘black and white’ storm? Only time will tell.

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