Nawaz Sharif Gives another Reason Why He Is No Longer Prime Minister and It Looks BAD

Nawaz Sharif Gives another Reason Why He Is No Longer Prime Minister and It Looks BAD

Never a dull day, especially when it comes to the politics of Pakistan. When it comes to discussing what is happening these days, well, safe to say that on a lighter note, everything is going as it always goes – extremely exciting. While Nawaz Sharif may be the disqualified prime minister, he is still seen making public appearances.

He continues to claim that he was wrongfully thrown from his seat and that he didn’t deserve it. For that, he makes public appearances to make sure that his legacy lives.

Recently, While Addressing the Media of Pakistan, Something Strange Happened!

While Nawaz Sharif was talking to different media outlets, he recited a political verse, but halfway through, he forgot about it. In his honest manner, he asked the media reporters if he was live on coverage and requested to go once again.

Here’s What We are Talking About

Originally, here’s what the Verse Reads Out:

Hai Nayee Ravish ki Adaalaten Aur Niralee Hai,

Dhaang k Faisle, Na Nazeer hai na Daleel hai, 

Na Apeel hai Na Wakeel hai

Originally by Zafar Ali Khan

Given how Nawaz Sharif was actually talking about the Panama verdicts and how things went south for him, he surely did not know what he was talking about and couldn’t back himself well on this.

Anyway, it indeed is a great verse!

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