Nawaz Sharif Forgets His ID Card At By-Elections And Pakistanis Are Like “Bohat Alaa”

By-elections of Pakistan this year took place yesterday on 14th of October. Everyone was excited about it since there were numbered constituencies to have elections. A daylong polling on all 11 National Assembly and 24 provincial assemblies constituencies.

Election was held in 11 contituencies; NA-35 Bannu, NA-53 Islamabad, NA-56 Attock, NA-60 Rawalpindi, NA-63 Rawalpindi, NA-65 Chakwal, NA-69 Gujrat, NA-103 Faisalabad, NA-124 Lahore, NA-131 Lahore and NA-243 Karachi East.

All the political parties were there to cast vote, where the Ex-PM Nawaz Sharif was there too. But unfortunately, he couldn’t cast his vote because Mian jee forgot his ID card at home. Masha’Allah.

It was a moment of laughter for many and awkward for many

After he got released from jail, and God knows if he’s been waved off from all the charges or not. But this only happens in Pakistan and that’s what everyone is sure of. A person charged of a crime is later released and everyone is silent! Like, what?!

People on Twitter couldn’t hold there horses and went crazy on Nawaz Sharif

That’s savage! 😀

Really? That’s like coming to an exam and forgot to study. Duh?


Well well well! The unofficial result of By-elections are here and PTI won four seats and PML-N won four seats as well! PML-Q won two seats.

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