‘Yasir Has Serious Memory Issues’ – Verbal War Between Nausheen & The Actor Takes New Ugly Turn

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Lately, Yasir Hussain came into the limelight when he decided to ridicule the Dugdugi actor Nausheen Shah in an interview. When asked about the uninvited guests at his wedding, the actor straight up took Shah’s name specifically, making fun of her. Nausheen Shah just responded to Yasir’s mockery calling him out for some memory issues, and it is savage!

The actor just took it up a couple of notches in a recent interview with Vasay Chaudhry. While speaking to him, the Band Toh Baje Ga actor revealed one name specifically when the host asked if any other industry peer attended the wedding without an invite.

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Wait, he didn’t stop here. In fact, Hussain also revealed, “The funny part is, she got the most pictures clicked!”

However, in an effort to redeem himself by trying to change the topic, he added,  “Nausheen is a great girl and she does great work. Personally, I am a big fan of her style!”

Nausheen Shah’s take on the mockery

As the clip of Hussain’s comments made rounds on social media, the viewers waited for the Dudgugi actor to say something in response. She did not say much but rather shared a story on Instagram with a cryptic caption.

nausheen shah
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“When you are busy building an empire, you don’t pay attention to nonsense. I am too busy to get distracted,” it read.

Later, Galaxy Lollywood reached out to Shah for her comments on the matter. “Could anyone go to someone’s house uninvited? I wouldn’t go to anyone’s house if I wasn’t invited, let alone going to someone’s wedding,” she said.

nausheen yasir controversy

“A fool is known by his speech and a wise man by his silence. Yasir called me himself and invited me,” she added. “I feel so sorry for Yasir because certainly has serious memory issues. I also feel really sorry for Iqra. She is taking one for the team.”

In addition to this, she expressed that she is disappointed in Hussain and expects him to apologize. 

And, now Yasir refuses to back off

In a series of Instagram stories, the actor bashed Shah for her ‘baseless’ comments.

yasir hussain reply nausheen
Source: Instagram
Yasir Hussain reply Nausheen

According to Hussain, the Dugdugi actor forcefully got herself invited to his wedding. More so, she is just ‘using’ his wife’s name for ‘views’. Well, looks like this verbal war his not ending any time soon!

Earlier, Hussain landed in trouble when he was seen making fun of Hania Aamir’s skin condition. So much so that Aamir schooled him taking to her Instagram. He just effortlessly crosses the line each time!

Story Courtesy: Galaxy Lollywood

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